The Game

Sorry for the 2nd question within a week but the blog response on my precious HBK question really needed some follow up (I'm sure you've explained this but I couldn't find it in your blog)…I know the Internet wrestling community hates HHH but looking at his career objectively he's an all-time great.  He's had a plethora of 4+ star matches, an insane amount of good money drawing feuds (Rock, Foley, HBK, Angle, Batista, UT, Austin, etc.), not to mention significant events he's been involved with (marrying Steph angle, DX, etc).  Yea, I know that he hasn't always put people over when needed but he's been a top level player when WWE/F has at their pinnacle.  Any profession is going to be littered with politics and I can't say I really blame the guy for trying to keep his top spot and make the big bucks.  Is what he did really any worse then what other top level guts have done through history.  What am I missing with the HHH bashing?  Please fill me in.  Thanks
PS.  Yea marrying Steph looks shady but who are we to say and speculate as to why?  I think that anyone who says it was strictly to keep himself elevated shouldnt speculate.

I don't think anyone thinks that HHH married Steph just for personal gain, it just worked out REALLY well for him, that's all.  
And HHH has certainly been in a ton of great matches, but he also was in a ton of stinkers during his worst time, 2002-2005, when he was on every show like John Cena x 10, and he could have fixed the problem and chose not to.  I think that's what you're missing, as compared to those of us who had to sit through it night after NIGHT after night.