Rock/Cena on THREE Dvd’s?!

Hey Scott, long time reader, yadda yadda
I just read that the 'E is releasing a Rock/Cena Once in a Lifetime DVD to cover the story of that rivalry and the match at WM. At first I was thinking "Hey, this could be something I grab for my kids as they love both guys and it could distract them for an hour or two" when I realized that…the DVD is going to be THREE DISCS.

How in the blue hell are they going to fill THREE discs for a rivalry that has so far only consisted of two matches (SurSeries and WM, although I suppose they could include Rocky's run-in during Cena-Show). Do you think they'll just rehash every single promo? They'd have to right? Or will they include matches for both guys that don't even involve the other to establish why each guy is a legend? This isn't Rock/Austin or Rock/Triple H, these guys have only wrestled each other one time!

I think they will probably indeed replay every single promo and angle, yes.  It's certainly an interesting idea for a DVD set, even if it would personally cause me to shoot myself in the face out of boredom after the first disc.  This might be a test case for another set like that in the vein of the D-X sets where it's literally everything from start to finish.  Plus they have to make up that extra Wrestlemania buyrate money somewhere.  Overestimating by 200,000 buys doesn't pay for itself!