A plug for Next week Review a Wai with former wwe writers Seth Mates & Chris Gough

Scott, I love the blog and love your books and have been following you since around 2000. I wanted to plug something you might be interested in. Well on liveaudiowrestling.com they have a podcast called review a wai.Well here is what they watching next week straight from their message board http://www.lawradio.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=feedback&action=display&thread=1076

Next week we are reviewing the Oct 21, 2002 edition of 'Raw' featuring in the infamous Katie Vick angle with Triple H at the funeral home.
To celebrate this landmark episode we will be joined by TWO former WWE creative team members from that time period with Seth Mates and Chris Gough joining us.
Leave your feedback to the show and any questions for Seth and Chris regarding the Katie Vick angle and other angles around this time period from 2002 and catch the show next Wednesday
Thought you might be interested and thanks

No problem.  Always happy to help Seth out with a plug.  I actually voluntarily read the Kane novel that tried to explain the Vick angle in detail, and PAID FULL PRICE FOR IT.  You kids today don't know how good you've got it with your CM Punks and Daniel Bryans.