Question for the blog

I've recently been catching up on the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable discussions.  One of them included Mike Graham on the panel, and he came off like a total douchebag.
The only other place I've seen him is in a shoot video where he told some story about threatening to kick Chris Benoit's ass (which I found highly suspicious, seeing as how he claimed that he and Benoit were the only people around and was only told after his suicide).
Was he great enough to warrant this smug attitude, or is he a case of getting where he is by being a promoter's son?  Was there ever a time and place where he was awesome?

Graham was indeed a "son of a promoter" push, and in fact was only brought into the Legends Roundtables as part of the deal brokered to buy the Florida promotion's footage.  He also backdoored himself into a job with WCW as an agent and was equally useless there.  In fact, in 1991 Kip Frey tried to fire him but his contract was solid, so they made him into a wrestler again to justify his pay.  Good times in WCW.  Mike Graham trying to kick Benoit's ass would have been hilarious to watch.