Monday Nitro – February 10, 1997

Monday Nitro #74

Date: February 10, 1997

Location: Jacksonville Municipal Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
After last week we have our two biggest matches for Superbrawl and we
have this plus one more Nitro before we get to the PPV. It’s hard to
say what’s going to happen here as they have a lot set for the PPV so
it’ll likely just be promos for that. I say it’s hard to say because
there would be a very strange set of promos by Piper before it, which
I’m sure will get a few comments out of me. Let’s get to it.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko
Before the match Dean talks (?!?!) to Syxx, challenging him to a
match anywhere anytime. This is non-title I believe. Eddie wraps him up
to start after a quick headscissors. Dean takes the arm but gets
headscissored back down. Dean comes back with a powerslam for two and
takes over. Eddie tilt-a-whirls him down for two.
Time for the chinlock and then they hit the mat for a move that no
one is sure as to what it was. It might have been a submission but I
have no idea who it was on. Dean hits a release German for two and a
tombstone as Syxx comes out. He clocks Penzer and steals the US Title.
Eddie chases and gets counted out.
Rating: C+. It’s Eddie vs. Dean. Were you expecting
anything other than a good match here? They were flying all over the
place and put on a clinic out there while they could, but the ending
really brought it down. Then again it’s advancing an angle so I can’t
complain as much as I do when it’s the same things over and over.
Here’s DDT with a chair. He sits down in the middle of the ring and
says that there’s a bullseye on his forehead. Here’s here to make a
statement: he’s tired of running and if something is going to happen,
let it happen right now. 
Here come Sting and Savage to the ring and they
circle him. Savage hits the chair with the bat and Page jumps up. They
shove him back with the bat and Sting pulls his back to swing it but
stops. Page doesn’t leave and Sting hands him his bat. Savage and Sting
turn their backs but Page doesn’t move. Savage and Sting leave.
Konnan vs. Bobby Eaton
Konnan hits a quick dropkick and shrugs off Eaton’s right hands. Seated dropkick sets up the 187 for a very quick pin.
We get a clip of Luger getting attacked last week.
Lex Luger vs. Ron Powers
Eric comes out and says not so fast because Luger isn’t medically
cleared to wrestle because of a big cast on his left hand. Lex has the
rest of the show to get him a medical release or he’s out of SuperBrawl.
Lex leaves and Giant comes up behind Bischoff.
The Giant vs. Ron Powers
Giant throws him around and hits the chokeslam for the pin at about a minute and a half.
Giant says he’ll have a partner at SuperBrawl in the form of Lex
Luger because Luger is the only one that would trust him. Luger comes
out and says nothing will stop him from going for the titles.
The rest of the NWO gets here. Actually it’s just the Outsiders and Bubba. Bubba wants DDP at SuperBrawl.
High Voltage vs. Steiner Brothers
Scott and Rage get us going as Tony talks about a fatal fourway match
which would never take place. Harlem Heat, another team that is
scheduled for that match, is out watching. Rage clips Scott’s knee but
gets caught in a powerslam coming off the top. Gorilla press brings in
Rick and the Faces of Fear are watching too. Kaos is in to face Rick and
the Public Enemy is here too. Malenko vs. Syxx will happen at the PPV
as well. Rick works the arm for a bit and it’s back to Scott. High
Voltage cheats to take over but Scott won’t sell any of that. Rage’s
springboard is caught in a Rick powerbomb and the Bulldog gets the pin.
Rating: C-. Just a step above a squash here but it
was fine to give the Steiners some momentum going into the PPV. High
Voltage was a good jobbing team like they were used as here so I can’t
complain much in that regard. Having the other teams come out was a nice
touch as well.
Here’s the NWO for their regular takeover of the broadcast desk. It’s
Hall, Nash and Eric on commentary with Syxx and Nick Patrick behind
them. Eric brings out Randy Anderson with his kids to beg for his job.
Bischoff gets in one of his greatest lines ever with �Kids, will you
please tell your daddy…..THAT HE’S STILL FIRED!� Next week Anderson
can wrestle Patrick for his job. Anderson’s wife says no because that’s
against what his doctors said. His doctors told a referee that he can’t
Outsiders vs. The Extreme
This is the same team that the Outsiders killed a few weeks ago. The
Outsiders jump them in the aisle and this lasts about a minute and a
half. A Torture Rack (in a fireman’s carry position) by Nash gets the
Syxx interviews the Outsiders post match with Nash talking about how a
giant is a goon according to the dictionary. Hall says Nash is a cool
giant, not a dorky giant.
Hour #2 begins with the usual announcers.
TV Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Steven Regal
Regal takes the arm to start and it’s time for some chain wrestling.
They both fight over the arm but Regal casually picks him up and hits a
backbreaker to take over. Rey comes back with a springboard missile
dropkick and Regal is in trouble. Steven gets in a quick thumb to the
eye and a European Uppercut to take over. There are the knees to the
face and Regal is dominating. Rey manages a dropkick to put him on the
floor but walks into a guillotine to keep the advantage with the
champion. They trade some very fast rollups for two each and Rey has him
cradled as the bell rings at 6:54 for the time limit draw.
Rating: C. I know wrestling isn’t great at keeping
time, but less than seven minutes? That has to be a botch of some sort
because that was off by about three minutes if Tony’s statement of a ten
minute time limit is correct. They were starting to click at the end
too which makes the ending all the stranger.
Kevin Sullivan vs. Maverick Wild
Wild has what would become Mongo’s music. Sullivan jumps him
immediately and knocks him to the floor, where Jackie beats him up. Wild
gets thrown out there again and beaten up one more time with Heenan
freaking out. Tenay actually mentions the Women’s Title. Tree of Woe and
double stomp end the squash quick. This was more about Jackie than the
Sullivan cuts off the interview post match and talks to Nancy and
Chris. He talks about being in bed last night and getting a call from
someone named Paulie and saying that the deal is falling through. A
bunch of people have told him to do his job which makes Sullivan talk
about the difference between a community and a neighborhood. He implies
that if Woman tries to use a weapon on Jackie, there will be punishment.
The girls are going to be strapped together at the PPV. Jackie says the
same thing.
Some Jacksonville Jaguar is here.
LONG recap of the ending of Nitro last week, and by that I mean they
SHOW THE WHOLE THING, with Tony doing a voiceover. There are no cuts in
this and it eats up like 8 minutes. I guess we’ve just found the rest of
the TV Title match.
Hugh Morrus vs. Alex Wright
Morrus pounds him down in the corner and Wright comes back with kicks
and punches. Wright’s spinwheel kick takes Morrus to the floor and
Wright hits a big dive to take him down. A charge misses for Hugh and
they botch a missile dropkick spot badly. Morrus powerbombs him and the
moonsault gets the pin. I think this was cut short.
Chavo Guerrero/Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael
That’s an odd pairing. Benoit and Chavo start things off with Chavo
speeding things way up. Off to Jarrett and they take Benoit down pretty
quickly. Benoit hits the buckle chest first and Jarrett puts him down
with a belly to back suplex. Mongo hits him in the back to a BIG
reaction and gets the tag to an even bigger one. Weird crowd man.
Powerslam gets two and it’s back to Benoit. Jeff hits a picture perfect
dropkick and tags Chavo back in. Chavo erupts and beats up the Horsemen
by himself, hitting a moonsault for two on Benoit. Debra won’t let
Jarrett get back in and Mongo kills Chavo with a tombstone for the pin.
Rating: B-. For a three and a half minute match this
was pretty fun stuff. Jarrett can throw a mean dropkick and Chavo’s
were good as well. Also Mongo killed him dead with that tombstone, which
was pretty much the only move Mongo could do competently. Good little
match here, which is what happens with talented people.
All of the Horsemen come to the ring post match for their meeting of
the week. Anderson talks about everyone getting weapons and Flair steals
a foam Horsemen hand from a fan. Arn warns Sullivan and Jarrett to stay
away from the ladies. Flair says the Horsemen are united. Benoit is
ready for Sullivan.
Mongo insults the fans after everyone else seems to be a face. Mongo
gets on Debra about the Jarrett thing and Debra thinks Jeff should be a
She’s so upset she hasn’t been able to shop for a week. Mongo
says they’ll have a match and if Jarrett wins he’s a Horseman. Debra
says she’s not a gossip and you didn’t hear this from her, but Sullivan
and Jackie aren’t good people. Debra is reaching Michael Cole levels of
annoying at this point.
Time for Hogan and Piper to close the show. It’s Piper first and he
talks about his family. Hogan pops up and it’s split screen time. Hogan
hasn’t said anything yet as Piper goes on about how he was supposed to
be going home to his family. He’s seen Hogan on the screen now and
starts to ramble. Piper talks about how he’s having to break his promise
to his son and Hogan says he doesn’t care. He talks about how the
footage from Starrcade was doctored and Piper goes off, talking about OJ
Simpson or something. That’s enough to make Hogan mad and Piper storms
off to end the show.
Overall Rating: B. Good wrestling, they added a lot
of stuff to the show and they hyped up what they already had. What more
can you ask for from a show? Well less Debra and someone that can tell
time would be a start but still this show worked pretty well. These
shows have been getting a lot better lately and hopefully that sticks
better than I remember it doing. Good show this week.
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