If HHH wins then what?

Ok Scott let's assume your right and HHH wins at Summerslam and Vince only brought him back to job for the stars. What would be the point of a big WM match with Taker or Rock if Brock hasn't won a match going into WM? A dominant win for Brock could also set up a title match at Survivor Series vs Punk or Cena, which I think would pop a nice buyrate. Maybe Brock wins the title and holds it hostage until he comes back in 2013, just a thought. EM

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Anyway, you're thinking of this far more logically than they would be.  You could make all the same arguments about this match as you could with the Cena match, and Cena still won.  I'm not saying I have any inside info on who's winning or what plans are or anything like that, but just based on 20 years of watching HHH be HHH, I think he's going over just because he CAN.