New Breed

I was watching that Ladders 2 special that was recently added to Netflix and it had a match from the WCW "New Breed" era. I almost did a spit-take as I totally forgot about that scene. Where did that fall time-wise before WWE bought them? At the time, I remember Billy Kidman challenging Hogan and seemed like a pretty awesome idea. That's about all I can remember, so I guess it pretty much stunk up the place. I barely see a mention of this on your daily postings. Well, was it that bad?

Kidman challenging Hogan was a horrible idea because Hogan treated him like a bug to be stomped underneath his big yellow boot.  I actually thought this was going to be a New Breed question, but you're actually referring to the New BLOOD angle, which is a totally different animal.  The New Blood was OK, basically Russo trying to push the green Power Plant guys by force in one of the rare things he did that wasn't totally misguided.  The problem was that Russo isn't a very adept political player, and all the old guys that he wanted to lose WERE, so it didn't work out well for him.  Really he would have been better off just not using the Hogan/Nash/Flair/DDP group at all and letting the new guys carry the promotion, since it couldn't have resulted in anything worse than what happened to WCW in the long run anyway.  I actually quite liked the direction they were taking around August of 2000 with the New Blood Rising PPV, although that was deep into the death throes of the promotion anyway.