More Random Questions

Hi Scott, Thanks for answering my random questions a few days ago. Got a few more for you if you’re interested.
1.      Was there a story line reason as to why Tito Santana became a matador?

He wanted to get in touch with his roots and fight bulls.  It wasn't really a time of deep motivations.  

2.      Which wrestler would you most like to hang out with?

CM Punk would be the obvious answer but most reports are that he's kind of a dick.  Zack Ryder seems like he'd be a fun guy to grab a beverage with and watch some wrestling, or maybe Road Dogg.  

3.      Which wrestler would you most like to have an honest (well as honest as a wrestler can be) in depth interview with?

HHH.  He's been through a lot of historic stuff, most of it from the side that wrestlers don't usually see it from.  

4.      Comic book that deserves a movie adaptation or reboot?

THE INCREDIBLE HULK.  It's probably coming, but they nailed it so perfectly in Avengers that they pretty much have to spin him off again and give it another shot with the fun "Hulk Smash" attitude.  They can even do Rulk now as the bad guy and they can beat the shit out of each other and destroy Manhattan for the big climax.  

5.      From what you’ve seen/read what are your expectations for the Dark Knight Rises?

I am avoiding any and all spoilers and speculation outside of the one trailer I was forced to watch before Hunger Games.  My plan is to get tickets for the all day Nolan Batman geekathon so I can get the whole experience, but honestly after Avengers there's gonna have to be a pretty awesome conclusion to the trilogy in order for Nolan to win the awesomeness Oscar this summer.