Question for you and the ranters. Are we too harsh on the creative team? With guys like Lagana and Seth Mates on Twitter now and giving the fans an insight to what it was like working with the WWE on creative, it sounds like it wasn't the easiest job and I can see why. They practically are booking 24/7 and i'm sure Vince isn't the easiest guy to work with, so I can understand why everything they s--- doesn't turn to gold. After all, can we really even blame them, don't they have to get approval from Vince on most of the script, so this would in turn be Vince just being Vince then right? 
But then I looked at it the other way, I mean when something fails, no one(except the fans) wants to call out creative, it's let's blame (insert scapegoat talent here) and demote them as punishment. Did they really think Zack Ryder was gonna recover from getting his ass kicked by Kane on a weekly basis, cock blocked by John Cena, and friend-zoned by Eve? It's the elephant in the room that no one wants to address…..
So essentially my question is are we gonna be stuck with this type of booking until Vince decides to give it up or a main eventer like Cena or Punk calling them on their b-------? 

I don't think anyone thinks it's an easy job, but by the same token WWE specifically tries to weed out people who are wrestling fans, so we're left with people who are accustomed to a totally different type of storytelling trying to adapt it to wrestling.  Really, the whole thing has always been based on one person with a strong vision setting a general direction, and then wrestlers basically improvising around that to craft their own "storylines".   The whole "writing team" dynamic just doesn't work and there's never been any evidence that it CAN work in the first place.