J.Park, the pioneer

Has anybody, in the history of wrestling, gone from 'does not touch a mike' to 'best actor in wrestling' the way abyss has?
It seems baffling. Really, why hasn't he had the chance before?

What's really awesome about Park is that he's a good wrestler portraying a bad wrestler, and doing little subtle things that someone who has never wrestled before would do, like the way he runs the ropes or has trouble navigating the ring.  The obvious payoff seems to be Park turning into a Jekyll & Hyde type character, where Joseph finally snaps and realizes that Abyss has been the dark side of his personality all along.  It's like man v. motorcycle v. horse!  Yeah, an Adaptation reference, take it and love it.
I think Undertaker also progressed pretty fast, given that he had never cut a promo in his life before getting to the WWF in 1990.  He was always the big scary silent dude, like Mean Mark or The Master of Pain, and finally after years of Paul Bearer doing literally all the talking for him, he suddenly started doing 20 minute interviews in 1997 and he was fine.  So maybe Abyss just listened and learned all this time like Undertaker did, who knows?