Hey Scott,
I've been quietly reading you online for…12 years now, so I thought
I'd drop you a line like I do every couple years or so, and bring up a
couple topics for possible blog discussion.
People may think of Brock Lesnar as being a washed-up ex-star cashing
in on his past success in WWE/UFC, and his original WWE run (2002 to
2004) was a long time ago.  But look at it this way: Brock is
currently two years YOUNGER than Vader was when he broke into WCW in
1992.  And of course he's 100 pounds lighter than Vader, but just as
powerful.  My point is, couldn't Vince and Brock collectively decide
to make Brock THE monster heel in the WWE for the next 3-4 years, and
make a shitload of money?  I guess one or both things might be true:
Brock hasn't shown a willingness to completely dedicate himself to the
business, and/or Vince refuses to believe that Brock will be loyal
after Brock flaked on him 8 years ago.  Who knows.

I think that everyone has already given up on Brock, which is really weird.  It turned into a giant self-fulfilling prophecy, where they thought he'd flake out on them, so they refused to push him over their top guy, and as a result Brock likely doesn't want to commit himself to WWE.  Thing is, he's still young, and if he was healthy then he'd have a lot more financial mobility in UFC than in WWE.  I bet he's doing the job to HHH at Summerslam given how little attention they're paying to their own storyline at this point.  

Also, I'm a native and resident of Cincinnati, and I remember you
being at least a mild baseball fan.  How do you feel about the best
baseball player in the world currently being a Canuck, the Reds' own
Joey Votto?  I don't know of another Canadian who could have ever
claimed that title other than (possibly) Larry Walker in 1997.

I actually haven't watched baseball since the double whammy of the Expos moving to Washington and the Blue Jays turning to s--- under JP Riccardi.  And then once Carlos Delgado left for wherever he ended up, I had no further interest in following the sport.  The steroid stuff ended up being too much of turnoff for me.  Plus I was a hardcore Jays fan during the Alomar/Carter/Olerud era, and I got my two World Series at that point.  The sport has passed me by.