Matt Hardy and Stevie Richards Interview

Hey Scott,
I realize your hatred for ECW and especially every reincarnation that keeps tainting whatever legacy the original left behind…but I have a double header of EXTREME soundbytes that you and your readers might enjoy. Matt Hardy and Stevie Richards stopped by W.H.I..P. Temple Update Wednesday morning to talk everything from Vince being a "psychotic genius" to wrestlers wearing shirts in the ring "not being wrestlers."
Both interviews are at
Shane Douglas will be on Friday at 10 a.m. EST on W.H.I.P. on IHeartRadio
Thanks a bunch!

"Hatred" is a strong word.  Perhaps it's more that I didn't treat ECW and Heyman with the slavish devotion that the idiot hardcore mutant fanbase did, and there was a lot of people who e-mailed me on a constant basis who were too blinded by their own fandom to realize that I was right and they were stupid.  But I wouldn't say "hatred" as such.