Vader for Hall of Fame?

How is Vader not in the WWE Hall of Fame already?  With Vince recently moving toward acknowledging legacies outside of WWF/E more and more, Leon seems like a shoe-in yet he's not in yet.  I always had the impression Leon White was universally-loved by the lockeroom and never heard any bad blood in promotions, so it's not a Savage-type thing.  The guy had a tremendous run in WCW and had some good matches in WWF, despite never getting that '96 title reign.  Throw in his international body of work and the guy is FAR more deserving than a Ron Simmons, much less the usual Koko B. Ware reference.  Any idea why ol' Leon hasn't gone in sooner?

Because the Hall of Fame is a joke and has nothing to do with merit in the least?  I could certainly see him going in at some indeterminate point in the future, though.  

As an aside, wouldn't it be kind of cool for WWE to invite Sting to induct Vader?

Never gonna happen.