Blog question

Could you explain for less knowledgeable readers what exactly what trending on twitter is? I've noticed it a few times in your writing so if you could shed some light on the proper meaning, that would be great.

It means that no one was talking about something on Twitter, and then suddenly a lot of people started talking about it.  It doesn't mean the MOST people were talking about something, however.  So when RAW starts, generally it goes from no one talking about the show to a few thousand people talking about the show at once, so it's trending.  However, there's still hundreds of thousands of people talking about, say, Obama or the NFL or whatever, but because that's constant on Twitter it's not trending.  So it's kind of an indication of what a small subset of people on the Twitter-verse are talking about, but it's generally the same people talking about the show every week.  So basically what WWE is bragging about is that some of the people who watch their show are talking about it on Twitter, and that's all it means.