Greatest WCW PPVs

Hey Scott,
Love the blog and visit it daily. Had a question for you. With the recent release of the WCW Clash of the Champions set (which per your suggestion in your review, I picked up and is a phenomenal set by the way), I was in a WCW mood. I was curious what you would rank as your top 5 (or more) WCW pay-per-views of all-time. I know you rave about Bash '89. Would love to hear your input, thanks.

Maybe I should do a Book of Lists on Kindle this summer, or a more detailed version of my "Guide to Every PPV Ever" rants.
So yeah, Bash 89 is clearly my favorite.  The Bash/Bash combo of 96 is also awesome, featuring the Outsiders powerbombing Bischoff through a table at GAB and then of course the Hogan turn at BATB 96.  Spring Stampede also produced some great stuff, most notably 94 with the Flair-Steamboat main event and 99 with Blitzkrieg's one PPV match and a fantastic Benoit/Malenko v. Raven/Saturn tag match.  Halloween Havoc 89 is an underrated show, with a great Flair/Sting v. Funk/Muta cage match on top and a tremendous Pillman-Luger US title match.  And Superbrawl II was a great show up and down the card during the thick of the Dangerous Alliance.