Fwd: A quick question about Liontamer and Walls of Jericho

———- Forwarded message —— Hey Scott, Long time fan, yada yada. I have a super quick question for you. I'm the global moderator of a pro wrestling forum. In a discussion, someone said that the Liontamer move (Walls of Jericho with a knee to the back of the opponent's head) will be on WWE '13. But a friend of mine said, "Liontamer and Walls of Jericho are the same moves. It was called Liontamer when Jericho was in WCW, but when he went to WWE, the move was named Walls of Jericho. In WWE, even when he put his knee to the back of his opponent's head, commentators called it WoJ (see NXT's debut episode). Liontamer name was not said in WWE, never."  But i was thinking that Walls of Jericho (a normal Boston crab) and Liontamer (Boston crab with a knee to the back of opponent's head) are different moves. So i made a quick search, but found out that even when Jericho applied the move with the knee to the head, commentators were calling it Walls of Jericho. So I agreed the way he told. But today, WWE.com had an article. Here's a picture of it: http://i.minus.com/jmWB3g9Z4EMGa.png It confirms my theory and says that Liontamer and WoJ are different moves. So, my question is, what do you (and the Smark community) think about it? ————————- The Walls is the lazy version of the Liontamer.