History of ECW 3/24/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: March 24, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW
and plugs a tag match featuring Danny Doring and Roadkill against the FBI.
Also, the tag titles will be on the line as the champions Lance Storm and Chris
Candido face Chris Chetti and Jerry Lynn. Additionally Bam Bam Bigelow will
defend the TV title against Sandman. Lastly RVD will face Al Snow.

RVD, Sabu, and Fonzie cut a promo against the Triple Threat
in their search for the gold. RVD’s conceit is in full force once again by
stating “Sabu…what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.” His unintentional
comedy promo is pretty funny.

A promo airs for the upcoming PPV then the opener follows.

Joey Styles plugs the PPV and its title matches.

Match 1: The FBI (w/
Tommy Rich) versus “Dastardly” Danny Doring and Roadkill (w/ Lance Wright and

Styles thanks the fans for their donations to assist Tracy
Smothers’ “affliction” by giving him a 20th anniversary copy of Saturday Night Fever. Doring takes the
mike and mocks the FBI. Apparently he doesn’t “stop until the panties drop.” I
don’t think that line works in the nightclubs. He substitutes “cool” for “best”
using Bret Hart’s catchphrase. Suddenly Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney come to
the ring!

Taking the microphone Axl besmirches Doring and also insults
the FBI. He proposes a 3-way dance between the teams tonight. On cue Rotten and
Mahoney swing their chairs to get things started. Doring and Little Guido pair
up for some chain wrestling while Mahoney softens up Smothers in the corner. We
cut to Smothers coming off the ropes and receiving a powerslam from Roadkill.
After an Irish whip Roadkill sidewalk-slams Smothers. Outside the ring Balls
throws Little Guido into the steel railing and then chairs him in the back. Axl
obtains a chair from ringside and delivers a shot to the back of Roadkill. Back
in the ring Smothers gives Doring a side-Russian legsweep and pins him.

Balls and Smothers are now in the ring. Smothers gets placed
on Mahoney’s shoulder but wiggles free. Unfortunately he gets super-kicked for
his troubles. After a slam Balls mounts the top turnbuckle. Mahoney must have
an endorsement contract with Western Union because his legdrop seems to get
telegraphed quite often as it happens here. Little Guido tags in. After 2
unsuccessful slam attempts he rakes the eyes. After a reversal of a whip to the
corner Balls misses the splash. Smothers tags back in and “dances” for the
crowd. He whips Balls into the ropes, attempts a leapfrog, but gets powerbombed
instead.  Hot tag to Axl. Clotheslines by
Axl put both members of the FBI down. He jabs both Little Guido and Smothers
and gives them both Bionic elbows. He follows up with a meeting of the minds
and a double-arm clothesline. Balls tags back in and tattoos both Little Guido and
Smothers with punches. Rich gets in the ring but gets escorted out profoundly
by Axl. Balls picks up Smothers and gives him the Ball Breaker for the pin. **

Match 2 for the ECW
World Tag Team Titles: Lance Storm and Chris Candido (champions) versus Chris
Chetti and “Dynamic” Jerry Lynn

Lynn and Chetti are already in the ring. Candido again
objects to coming out to the same music as Lance Storm so he gets his own entrance.
Joey reiterates that not only are the tag titles on the line but also Storm and
Candido’s jobs if they cross one another. Lynn starts with Candido. He gets the
early advantage with a hiptoss to both Candido and Storm. All four men are in the
ring early. Lynn dropkicks Candido out while Chetti dropkicks Storm out.

Back in the ring Candido chops Lynn and struts. Lynn fires
back and a pin reversal sequence follows into a pancake by Candido. They hit
the ropes again, but this time Lynn gets to serve the pancake to Candido. Since
syrup wasn’t provided Candido angrily slaps Storm in the face to tag him in.
The champs argue so Storm whips Candido into the ropes and gives him the
spinning heel kick. Lynn immediately covers, but Storm saves. Lynn leapfrogs
Storm but tries to leapfrog Candido and receives the powerbomb-hangman’s
neckbreaker combo. Storm dropkicks Lynn coming off the ropes.

After a quick clip Candido vertical suplexes Lynn.  Storm tags in, drops down, and applies a
single-leg Boston crab. Lynn gets to the ropes to break the hold. Candido tags
back in and the champs double-team Lynn off the ropes with a pair of elbows.

We fast-forward to Lynn chopping Storm in the corner. After
a whip reversal Storm superkicks Lynn for a 2 count.  Storm slams him and goes to his corner in
order to go high-risk. Instead Candido tags in so he can go high-risk but
misses the diving headbutt. Chetti gets the hot tag and backdrops, dropkicks,
and powerslams Candido off a series of whips. The offense continues for Chetti
with a swinging neckbreaker. During a whip reversal to the corner Chetti screws
up a jump to the corner and lands awkwardly. The crowd lets him know it with a “You
F----- Up” chant.

We cut to a springboard double-clothesline from Storm to the
challengers. Storm dropkicks Chetti then gives Lynn a spinning heel kick. He
mounts the top turnbuckle and plants Chetti with a leg lariat. Lynn makes the
save. “Accidentally” Candido backdrops Storm out of the ring and throws Lynn
out afterwards. He then fortuitously covers Chetti for the pin. Joey claims

After the match the champs argue so Axl Rotten and Balls
Mahoney return to the ring. Axl badmouths the champs and then levels Candido
with a chair to the head. Storm retaliates by dropkicking both Axl and Balls.
More kicks from Storm but then Balls wallops him with a chair to the head! The
crowd chants “ECW!” The #1 contenders then chair the backs of the champs to
celebrate. Bam Bam Bigelow comes in but gets a kick from Balls and a
clothesline from Axl. Shane Douglas comes in. Axl and Balls pinball him with
punches. Francine then jumps on Axl’s back but gets dumped. Axl and Balls
threaten to chair Francine, but Douglas intercepts Mahoney down low. Axl nails
Douglas with a chair instead. Bam Bam comes back and gives both Rotten and
Mahoney the Greetings from Asbury Park. Candido “covers” Rotten as Francine
makes the 3-count. The Triple Threat celebrates with their signature hand
gesture. ***

Back in the WWE Studios Joey emphasizes BBB’s power with his
execution of the Greetings from Asbury Park on the 600+ pound combined #1

Prior to the next match we head back to Queens, NY where Taz
interrupts a TV title contest. Pablo Marquez is so happy that he doesn’t get to
face BBB that he wants to hug Taz. The hug occurs but a Tazplex follows
thereafter. Taz then makes mincemeat out of poor Marquez with a running
clothesline and the Tazmission.

Match 3 for the ECW
World Television Title: Bam Bam Bigelow (champion) versus Sandman

Of course Sandman gets his customary entrance with cigarette
and beer. But first Taz interrupts again to address Bam Bam. He actually gives
props to BBB for being the “better man.” A handshake is offered and accepted. After
he’s done talking Sandman even shakes Taz’s hand and says “I can respect that.”
Joey notes the public animosity between Sandman and Taz and is astonished by
what just happened.

Bigelow clobbers Sandman to start. A brawl ensues with
Sandman favoring his left hand after punching BBB. Outside the ring Sandman
wedges Bigelow’s head between his shoulder and the steel holding the bottom
turnbuckle. He then gives a “table suplex” to Bam Bam. Sandman goes to the back
and brings a ladder to ringside. “Ladder suplex” follows.

Back in the ring Bigelow reverses a whip and Sandman flies
back-first into the ladder set up in the corner. He follows with a splash
sandwiching Sandman between the ladder and himself. Sandman comes back with the
cane into the bloodied eye of Bigelow. Cane shots are traded with Bigelow
getting the better end of the deal. Sandman clotheslines him then throws the
ladder at him. He whips BBB into the ladder in the corner and tries to splash
him. However, Bigelow counters with the Greetings from Asbury Park for the pin.

Al Snow (w/ Head) is shown with “HELP ME” written backwards
on the wall. Shane Douglas’ voice is overheard in the background. Al appears to
have to have lost his mind.

Match 4: Al Snow (w/
Head) versus “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam (w/ Fonzie)

RVD gains the quick advantage with some kicks and a standing
sidekick. With Snow down RVD hits Rolling Thunder. RVD hooks Snow in a reverse
STF with a bridge. Snow escapes but gets dropkicked. After a whip to the corner
Snow tries to kick RVD but Van Dam catapults him to the top turnbuckle
pad.  He attempts a springboard elbow but
Snow catches and suplexes him. In the process he practically breaks RVD’s neck.
Fonzie gets up on the apron to object.

Outside the ring RVD backdrops Snow into the first row. From
the guardrail he hits the springboard somersault plancha followed by a sidekick.
Back in the ring Snow gives RVD two ocean cyclone suplexes. Snow throws RVD
outside then baseball-slides into him. He clotheslines RVD over the guardrail.
Snow then executes a beautiful Asai moonsault onto RVD in the second row!  Crowd loves that move!

Back in the ring Snow powerbombs RVD. He goes up for the
moonsault but misses. RVD then gives Snow the split-legged moonsault. RVD
tosses the chair to Snow but misses the Van Daminator. Instead he gets two shots
to the head with the chair. After a unique inverted atomic drop off the ropes
Snow DDTs RVD. While Snow attempts a cover Fonzie tries to save with the chair
but hits RVD. Fonzie runs interference so that RVD can hit the Van Daminator
properly. Ref is out.

After checking with the ref RVD heads to the top but misses
the 5-star frog splash. Subsequently Snow gives RVD the Snow Plow. Ref is still
out so Sabu hits the ring. Snow crotches Sabu in the corner. RVD throws the
chair at Snow but Snow throws it right back. Sabu then kicks the chair right
into RVD! Snow pins RVD. The crowd celebrates by throwing their Styrofoam heads
in the ring!

After the match RVD and Sabu argue. Fonzie tries to play
mediator and succeeds by calming each man down. The friends embrace. RVD offers
a high-five but leaves Sabu hanging and exits the ring. Sabu almost dives from
the top rope to the floor onto RVD but Fonzie stops him. ***1/2

Overall, Hardcore TV succeeds again by advancing their
storylines while supplying quality wrestling. The only glaring part of the show
was the amazing clip job done to the BBB/Sandman match. I didn’t see this
rivalry in ECW, but I saw it in WCW and didn’t enjoy it.

On another note it appears that WCW Worldwide is on a
monthly rotation basis with WWE Classics on Demand. In order to get a weekly
rant going I’ll have to find something to fill in once a month. Any suggestions
would be welcomed. Thanks for reading!
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