Blog Question – Flair vs. Hogan in WWF

Hey Scott,
Question for your readers – why wasn't Flair vs. Hogan a draw for WWF back in that '91-92 period?  We criticize WWE a lot for all the angles they bungle (Invasion, Nexus, etc.) but this seemed to be a legitimate Wrestlemania main event that never was.  I've read at the time that Flair had some confidence issues and house shows running that matchup didn't draw well but it seems crazy they didn't run it on PPV at least once.  What's even more puzzling is that WCW ran it in 1994 on PPV for Hogan's first match and did a great buyrate if I recall correctly.  So was it just a matter of bad timing?  WWF politics?  Or something else all together?

Yeah, Flair came in during kind of a dead time between Summerslam and Wrestlemania, and they ran the first matches in markets where Flair wasn't going to be a strong draw, and from there it was already kind of dead in the water, unfortunately.  You'd think they should have run it at Survivor Series at the very least, but Flair as a heel challenging Hogan just wasn't the dynamic they knew what to do with, I guess.