Fwd: CM Punk

———- Forwarded message ——– Hey Scott, wanted your thoughts on something.  This is a tweet from CM Punk in response to fans claiming that since he is the champion, he should be in the main events of RAWs and PPVs:  Placement on a card determining quality? Y'all need to reevaluate. I'll wrestle @WWEDanielBryan 1st, 3rd, 7th or your precious last… it will ALWAYS be the main event Not saying he doesn't have a point, but when Punk did that shoot promo last year, wasn't one of his main points that despite being the best, he is never in the main event("Dwayne being in the main event at mania makes me sick!")?  Now he's taking shots at his fans who have been behind him even before that promo.  He was an edgy character last year, and now he is another goofy babyface in the WWE who spouts out catchphrases and tries to get things to trend on twitter.  He says 'WWE Universe' (didn't he cut a promo last year saying how stupid that phrase was and that they are fans?) and he called Daniel Bryan goatface, which obviously Vince told him to do so it could trend.  I mean, last summers CM Punk would have never called someone something as lame as goatface.  I used to get excited when Punk came out, now I like, eh, well at least the match should be good. 
I find it odd that CM Punk has pretty much become the thing he hated so much last year.  What happened?  Was it the new contract?  To quote Vince McMahon from the InVasion angle on Steve Austin, "I want the OLD CM Punk!"  Your thoughts? ——————————- Totally agree.  His pipebombs have sunk to the point of calling people poopypants.  That's why he's the #2 guy without any ice cream bars.  He raged against the machine and then just gave up and joined it.  I still love the guy but I sure wouldn't buy a PPV just for him any more.   Get ANGRY again,  Punk!