True Believers Plug

Hey, Scott!
Knowing you to be a major fan of all comic-bookery and a purveyor or plugs – I was wondering if you would give a quick plug for our upcoming play: True Believers.
We're about halfway to our funding level and just need a small push to help with the more elaborate costumes. You too could own the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee.
Thanks in advance!
TRUE BELIEVERS by Boston playwright Thom Dunn is a new play that brings the fantastically nerdy world of Comic-Con to the stage, complete with aspiring comic book artists, psychotic fanboys, cybernetically enhanced humans and girls who dress like Princess Leia.
After having readings at VTG’s There Will Be Words and Improv Boston’s Geek Week, this full production will unite theatre and cosplay in order to create a hilarious, quirky and character-driven production that represents the Vagabond spirit.
With your contribution, you will have actively aided the in the creation of something awesome. The bulk of the contribution will go to securing our theatre space– four walls and a lighting grid to contain all of the awesome live theatre we intend to bring to the masses. The rest will go towards putting something fantastic on stage. What kind of fantastic, you ask? A Cylon, Princess Leia, and the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee are all part of the package.
Since its founding in 2009, Vagabond Theatre Group has been uniting young Boston theatre artists in order to create. VTG has a proven track record of producing plays by young, local artists and is an active company in the Boston small theatre scene. We are passionate about sharing the process of theatre with the public through free readings, open rehearsals and social events.