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From: "Jeff Burns" Hey Scott, Just wonder if you've seen this and what you think. http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/Kenn_Doane_Interview_Cena_Being_The_Tiger_Woods_Of_WWE_Wanting_Orton_Fired_Spirit_Squad_More.html A lot of people seem to think that Kenny's just making things up because John Cena is a big star and he isn't, but he doesn't come off like he's making anything up. It all seems to add up.
The part about him wanting Orton fired over failed drug tests would add up to, considering Cena's holier than thou attitude on the subject. ————————————– I would tend to consider Cena more credible than Doane, but honestly I try really hard not to pay attention to the high school drama stuff anyway.