Random Questions

Hi Scott, a few quick random questions for you.
1.      Would you be interested in seeing Rock v. HHH one more time (WM 30 maybe)?
2.      Which WWE guy would benefit most from going to TNA?
3.      Which TNA guy would benefit most from going to WWE?
4.      Who are you more surprised at for lasting as long in the WWE – Big Show or Kane?
5.      Favourite movie of the year so far?

1.  Of course.  It was one of the biggest money-drawing feuds in history and they're both even better workers now than they were then, or at least smarter ones.  Bring it on!
2.  The Miz.  He can bring them the media cred they're so desperately lacking and freshen up his act, while getting booked on top.
3.  James Storm.  Long as he stays healthy, he's ready to break through to the next level.
4.  Kane.  He was a guy basically brought in for one storyline and he's somehow made a 20 year career out of being Undertaker's brother.  
5.  The Avengers, duh.  Hulk laying the WHOOPASS on Loki is one of the biggest babyface pops I've ever heard in a theater.