Blog question

Love the blog.  I was reading some of your older rants and would love your opinion on 2 historical questions.
1) What would you consider the 3-5 most influential Raws of all- time?  I assumed the Raw after Survivor Series 97 would be one but reading your rant it seems that NOTHING of consequence occured.
2) Could you give me your opinion on a few of the best and worst booked finishes ever? (not counting swerves like Hogan joining NWO) My personal favorite is Cena/Punk MIB (loved how they went with a pretty much clean Punk win as it was probably the last finish I expected).  One of my least favorites is Rock/Austin WM 17 just because it took away from an awesome match.  That Austin heel turn could have happened after the match or the next night in Raw.  Thoughts??
Thanks man.  MH

1)  Yeah, the RAW after SS97 was a total nothing show written at the last minute because they had no idea who was showing up.  The more influential episode was the Vince interview the NEXT week, where he showed up with a black eye and gave his "Bret screwed Bret" speech.  There was some MONSTER episodes in 97, though, like Sid winning the World title from Bret the night after Final Four (the first World title change on RAW), the ECW invasion, the Hart Foundation reunion, the Steve Austin ambulance ride…just hit after hit.  
2)  I think one of the best booked ever was Bret v. Undertaker from Summerslam 97 with Shawn as referee, with all the crazy stips where you had no idea what direction they were going with it.  The tension between Bret and Shawn was played off amazingly, and they nailed the timing perfectly.  Punk v. Cena was also awesome.  As for the worst, obviously the Fingerpoke of Doom is right up there.  It's the finish that destroyed an entire promotion, not sure how much more badly booked you can get.