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Hi Scott, big fan of your blog/rants etc, been reading for years

In recent weeks the lack of depth in the WWE roster has really stood out.
On the other hand TNA seems to have a lot of talent that are credible upper mid carders/main eventers.
In WWE off the top of my head (only counting full time currently active wrestlers) there are John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Seaumus, Kane, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler (although he often loses against lower card tag teams in tag team action, then fills in when there is no one else as a JTTS)
In TNA, Bobby Roode, Sting, James Storm, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, RVD, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Abyss, Kurt Angle. You could argue Austin Aries is ready to step up and that Daniels and Kazarian are in a big storyline with Dixie Carter, so add those guys to the mix.
Putting aside the WWE name, ratings, booking etc would you say TNA had the strongest roster? If you were starting out a company from scratch whos roster would you (or the readers) pick to build a roster?
It seems TNA actually has the stronger roster.
Appreciate it if you put this on the blog,

I would say TNA absolutely has a deeper roster right now.  The WWE is DECIMATED right now because of injuries and suspensions, plus they have to run 4 – 6 hours of TV per week, whereas TNA only does 2.  And it sounds like ADR wants out now, too.  Plus TNA is doing slower-packed storylines, so they can get more out of less guys by stretching out the storylines over a couple of months now instead of burning through them in one show like in the Russo era.