Smackdown – June 15, 2012


June 15, 2012

Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

the final show before No Way Out and most of the show is set I
believe. Tonight we have a tag match between the guys in the world
title matches which is a nice touch. Other than that I’m not sure
what else there’s going to be, but I’d bet on there being some Johnny
Ace talking time, which is some cross between hilarious and awful.
Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the ending of Raw and the punch not hitting
Vince in the face.

You Know Your Enemy? Mine is the Cincinnati Reds. Those pesky
people sweeping the Indians.

AJ to open the show. She says there’s a very simple reason why she
kissed Kane on Raw. Before she can get it out though, here’s Vickie
to interrupt her. She says that AJ isn’t the story tonight, because
the story is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler talks about yelling at Vickie
and saying he’s better than this. He goes into one of his fast paced
insult barrages at AJ, who responds by saying “I stopped listening
about halfway through that but I guess I was supposed to be
offended?” The huge smile on her face and the voice she says it
with make that awesome.

thinks the bleach in Ziggler’s hair has gotten into his brain if he
thinks he’ll win the world title. She calls Vickie his grandma and
gets slapped. AJ gets the psycho eyes going but here’s Punk to make
her all smiley. He says that just because Vickie says excuse me
doesn’t mean we have to. There is no excuse for Vickie because every
week she comes out here and talks about Dolph Ziggler but he never
comes through. If he’s the voice of the voiceless, Vickie is the
voice of the pointless.

is about to offer a rebuttal but here’s Bryan. AJ looks half scared
and half angry. Bryan says Punk is a hero for having AJ make out
with Kane on Monday and hiding behind him here tonight. He says AJ
has Punk wrapped around her finger and she doesn’t realize it. AJ
cost Bryan at Wrestlemania and if she’s in Punk’s corner on Sunday,
it’ll mean Bryan wins the title.

Sheamus because five people talking in this segment aren’t enough.
Sheamus can’t believe Bryan still believes AJ cost him the title. He
admits Ziggler had a great showing on Monday, but that means nothing
on Sunday. Let’s do the tag match now. AJ charges at Vickie but
Punk pulls her back. The match starts after a break.

Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan

and Sheamus get us going and the speed attempt gets caught in a Regal
Roll for two. Off to Punk who comes off the top with an elbow to the
arm. Off to Ziggler and it’s time for more arm work. Sheamus works
over the arm a bit and Punk hits a slingshot hilo on Dolph. A
delayed vertical suplex gets two. Sheamus comes in and Ziggler
literally runs to the corner for the tag.

comes back in almost immediately and pounds Sheamus down. A knee
drop gets two. Back to Bryan who walks into a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker. Back to Punk for the springboard clothesline and he
goes to the apron. Ziggler distracts him and Bryan knocks him off
the apron. That seems to be the same sequence they’ve used to change
momentum in Smackdown tag matches for weeks now.

hits the running knee of the apron and we take a break. Back with
Bryan missing a swan dive and it’s a double tag to bring in Ziggler
vs. Sheamus. Irish Curse gets two as Bryan makes the save.
Everything breaks down but Punk and Bryan go to the floor. Zig Zag
is countered and Sheamus hits White Noise. He loads up the Brogue
Kick but the girls come in. Ziggler uses the distraction to get a
rollup with a handful of tights for the pin at 8:43 shown of 12:13.

C. This was just a regular main
event style tag match. The ending was certainly the right call as
they had to give us a reason to think that Ziggler has a chance on
Sunday. He doesn’t but it’s nice of them to try to give us a reason
to think otherwise. Punk and Bryan were barely involved in this
match, but they’re all set up already anyway.

match the girls get in a fight and Vickie rams her into the apron
before running off. AJ’s back is hurt so Kane comes out to carry her
away. Punk goes after him but gets a chokeslam for his efforts.
Bryan gets the same. AJ is on her knees on the stage and looks all
cuckoo eyed at Kane.

Brodus Clay for a match but before the match he talks about how he
can’t go near Ace’s prized possession or he’s immediately fired.
That’s ok though because John Cena is going to take care of the
prized possession on Sunday. All he wants now is competition, which
Ace has promised him.

Clay vs. Heath Slater

it and I was getting my hopes up for a second there. What a shock:
something with Ace involved is a letdown. Splash finishes in 22

match Brodus is about to dance when Otunga, the guy Clay is facing on
the pre-show on Sunday, takes out Brodus’ knee. The leg work goes on
for awhile.

Fox vs. Beth Phoenix

is on commentary. Alicia takes her down to start but misses her
flipping leg drop. Glam Slam ends this in 50 seconds. Yeah and this
REALLY makes me want to see the Divas Title match Sunday.

Cena says don’t try this.

favorite Raw moment is the Muppets episode. I love the Muppets, but
this is literally longer the previous two matches combined. When
matches are relegated to getting 30 seconds each, maybe it’s time to
cut down on stuff like this.

to waste more time, here’s Ace to show us a recap of the ending to
Raw. As in the SAME THING WE SAW AN HOUR AGO! After wasting three
minutes on that, Ace talks about how he’s put his job on the line
more than once before and has always come out on top. He brings out
Big Show who talks about how he can say and do whatever he wants here
because he’ll get paid no matter what.

in WCW, he was never able to be pushed over the faces of the company
like Hogan, Flair and Sting. Once he left there he came to WWF and
everyone gave him advice. Vince’s advice was to put on a show, so he
named him the Big Show. So for fourteen years (how is February of
1999 to June 2012 14 years? That’s bad math even for WWE) he did it
Vince’s way. For 10 of those years, he cracked jokes and laughed.
That statement actually made me close my eyes and shake my head from
how wrong it was.

talks about how he’s proud to not be like Cena anymore and how he can
do whatever he wants and doesn’t have to care about what the fans
think. What he does to Cena will be calculated and uncomfortable.
He’s looking at this sunday as his first match, where he will be
victorious. He guarantees it. The two of them go to leave but Cole
stops them. He says that he’s heard Cena is on his way here tonight
(big pop). Show says if Cena is looking for him, he won’t be hard to

comes out for his match so of course we have to look at a recap of
his feud with Cody, as in an Over The Limit recap. The rematch is at
No Way Out.

vs. Jack Swagger

pounds him into the corner but Christian gets a kick into the ribs to
break up the momentum. They go to the floor and Swagger runs him
over with a clothesline. Back in and Jack hits a legdrop for two.
An attempt at a second misses and Christian takes over again. A
spear misses but the ankle lock is countered. Jumping back elbow out
of the corner puts Jack down and Christian goes up. Swagger tries to
run the corner but gets shoved down and the Frog Splash gets the pin
at 2:47.

vs. Ari Cohen/Mike Testa

fresh meat tell a knock knock joke before the match. What are you
expecting here? Double Samoan Drop ends this at 2:03. We get it
already, now find him someone we’ve actually heard of.

Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd

is a result of the latest JR trolling by the troll last week. Sandow
went after him but Kidd made the save. Damien jumps him to start,
Kidd gets some offense in, the Sharpshooter is countered and the
neckbreaker gets the pin at 1:02 in ANOTHER FREAKING WORTHLESS MATCH!

run down the PPV card.

we see Big Show’s talk from forty minutes ago.

arrives and goes into Ace’s office but it’s empty.

be a bully, but buy our PPV with a pair of bullies in the main event.

FINALLY shows up to fire up the show a bit. He talks about getting a
phone call saying that Big Show called him out, so here he is. Wait
so why have they been hyping up the idea of Cena calling out Big Show
all night if Show apparently called him out? Whatever as this show
is almost over. Cena says he’s not hard to find and the Big Show
shouldn’t be either, so here’s Ace to waste more of our time.

says that Show has been sent home to make sure the match takes place
on Sunday, as well as so we could hype up Show and Cena face to face
all night and then not deliver it. Cena says that puts Ace in the #1
spot on the to be knocked out list. Ace lists his job titles and
says that if Cena touches him, he’s fired. Cena points out that the
match has to take place on Sunday so Ace can’t fire him. John makes
fun of him even more and gets ready to beat him up but Ace tells him
that if he beats Ace up, then Cena will be fired. Cena blasts him in
the head and says someone gets fired on Sunday to end the show.

F. This show was the
definition of a failure. There was NOTHING on here that was any good
and nothing at all was added to the PPV. Someone gets fired in the
main event. So we might get the Ace firing that we’ve been promised
for weeks now or another Cena firing which we’ve seen how many times
now? This was a total waste of my time and one of the worst TV shows
I’ve seen in a very long time.


Ziggler/Daniel Bryan b. CM Punk/Sheamus – Rollup to Sheamus

Clay b. Heath Slater – Splash

Phoenix b. Alicia Fox – Glam Slam

b. Jack Swagger – Frog Splash

b. Mike Testa/Ari Cohen – Double Samoan Drop

Sandow b. Tyson Kidd – Neckbreaker

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