Is “Will Big Johnny be fired?” the only storyline they have for him?

Why are WWE repeating the whole "Will Big Johnny be fired?" all the goddamn time.
Beside the fact that no one, who isn't 12, thinks he's losing his job any time soon,how can I, if I were 12, be afraid of this guy as an overbearing boss if I know that he's a "not entertaining enough" segment away from losing his own job?

Oh, it's gonna get worse.  There was some sort of promotional think accidentally leaked this week, according to the Observer podcast, where Johnny's job title is getting changed to "Liason to the Board of Directors".  So obviously he's getting "fired" from the GM job after this shitty PPV and then immediately rehired with a new but same job description.  Because even their STIPULATIONS have to have Dusty Finishes now.