HHH Said What?


During Dave Meltzer’s radio show for The Wrestling Observer, he reported that Paul “Triple H” Levesque is not allowing Mick Foley to be used on TV since his return in November.

Meltzer reported that Triple H slams Foley whenever his name is brought
up in creative meetings. Brian Gerwitz, WWE’s Senior Vice President of
Creative Writing thinks Foley is a creative and good performer, but
Levesque says Foley ‘doesn’t look tough’ and can’t be taken seriously as
an in-ring performer.

A former WWE creative writer said to Power Slam in 2008 that
Levesque would always insult Foley when he appeared for the company and
hurt his value in the eyes of Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

Levesque was quoted as saying: “Foley is an out-of-shape nobody. No
one cares about him at all. Funaki puts more asses in the seats than
Foley does. He should pay us for coming on our shows.

It is believed that the reason Triple H does this is because he is
irritated over the opinion from his closest co-workers that his matches
with Foley in 2000 “made him a star”.

Foley has also criticized Triple H in the past, including taking some shots at him in his 2007 autobiography The Hardcore Diaries.
He was also against Triple H insulting Lilian Garcia on an April 2010
episode of RAW. He said he may have cost himself professional but had to
say something. 

If this is true, I’ve lost a lot of respect for HHH.  This can’t be legit….can it?