Hey Scott, just a few questions if you have the time.

1. What was the general smark consensus of The Rock during his prime in 2000? Did RSPW/smarks in general appreciate his in ring work or did they hate the fact that he was on top with repetitive promos and called for a Benoit/Jericho push or was there some sort of weird hybrid opinion? After watching all of his PPV matches that year, it shocks me that people could hate on his in ring ability during that time period. Dude carried RIKISHI to a good match! That year just solidified him as my all time favorite wrestler.

People, specifically Herb Kunze, used to rag on his in-ring ability until about 99-2000, at which point I think the Iron Man match won them over.  But yes, there was a lot of “Push Benoit and Jericho” stuff instead. 

2. You ever still go through the old RSPW posts periodically? There’s some pretty great howlers if you dig deep enough, my personal favorite being a thread calling for Buff Bagwell to be the main focus of Nitro.

Nope, I’ve moved on. 

3. Happy the Kings won?

Absolutely.  After the Canucks get knocked out, I have three qualifications for who to cheer for:  A first time winner, then an underdog, then the team that knocked out the Canucks because at least they got knocked out by the champions.  The Kings fulfilled all THREE of those.  I think they might even be my new backup team, we’ll see. 

4. Why wasn’t Scott Hall ever given a WCW Title run? I know the obvious answer would be “no way they could trust him” but I’d like to think he was close enough to Bischoff that it wouldn’t have mattered and he could have used some pull to secure a nice little reign for himself. Come to think of it, they should have given Hennig a run too.

The answer is “no way they could trust him.”  It mattered, no matter how close he was to Bischoff.  Even Nash wouldn’t have trusted him, I’m pretty sure.