Card Plug

Hey Scott, I'm a long time reader and fan, going back to 2001 when I got my first home computer. I particularly loved reading your old WCW rants and I'm dying to get your archives one of these days when I can actually afford it. 
Anyway, a friend of mine has started a sports card website focusing mostly on group breaks. Group breaks for those who don't know are when a bunch of people chip in to buy a case of cards and they're usually assigned a random slot. The most common one is a random team break, in which you get all of the cards associated with that team. So, for instance if it was a case of Hockey cards and someone got randomized the Penguins, they'd get all the Penguins cards from that case. It's a nice way to cheaply add to your collection and breaks are done live on camera which usually allows everyone to chat and goof off and just have a good old dorky time. 
Here's the link to the website: 
I'd really appreciate the plug. 

Happy to help.