Blog Questions

Hey Scott…………I've been re-watching the Raw's leading up to WrestleMania 18, and I noticed that the buildup to the Ric Flair vs. Undertaker match is pretty awesome.  Do you think it gets it's due???  I was totally sold on seeing the match after watching the buildup.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed great to me.
And…………wondering what your thoughts are on Randy Orton?   I've been reading rumors that some within the company want him gone for good?  What would you do???
Thanks, I always enjoy your blog!!!

1.  The Undertaker-Flair build was indeed awesome, although the actual match should have been Flair going over based solely on the storyline, since it was basically Undertaker beating him up and terrorizing his family for weeks on end.  
2.  My stock answer for any of these guys now is absolutely let them go, because going somewhere else outside the bubble of WWE can only help them.  Do some indies, spend time with your family, find some better dealers.  Be ROH champion for a year, learn to work some different styles, whatever.  It's like they say, if you love something set it free, and if comes back it was meant to be, and if it doesn't then it probably did a bad 8-ball in Vegas and died in a hooker's apartment somewhere.