History of ECW 3/17/1998

Taped from Queens, NY

Airdate: March 17, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment
of the History of ECW by describing Queens Boulevard as “the most dangerous
street I’ve ever seen.” I must concur having lived in Queens. Thank goodness I
was never run over. He plugs a tag match between Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney
and the debuting Danny Doring and Roadkill. The latter participants, as noted
by Joey, are graduates from the ECW “House of Hardcore.” Droz will also make
his ECW debut. Joey refers to him as a “super nice guy with tons of raw
athletic ability.” Also 2 Cold Scorpio and Sandman will face the FBI. But
first, let’s start with a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT from Paul Heyman regarding the
upcoming ECW PPV—Wrestlepalooza! Joey makes fun of Cablevision for finally
jumping on the ECW PPV bandwagon.

Paul addresses the ECW faithful and gets booed when
mentioning Philadelphia. I found the “rivalry” between the ECW crowds in Philly
and Queens to be fascinating. Anyways the crowd then chants “Philly sucks!” I
guess they’d been to Eagles games wearing Giants jerseys and paid the steep price
for it. According to Paul Time-Warner will air the ECW PPV to a raucous cheer from
the crowd. Heyman refers to Vince McMahon’s brains in the opposite manner Vince
would describe his nether regions. “It’s too violent. It’s too sexual.” bemoans
Heyman as the excuses he received about his PPV. Wholeheartedly he praises the
ECW fans for going to bat for him and getting his PPV on Time-Warner. He
questions the loyalty of both the WWF and WCW fans by pointing out that the ECW
fans continue to spark the ECW “revolution.” 
Because of the fans ECW “cleared” Cablevision. A fan holds up a “Cablevision
sucks” sign and rips it up on camera.

The ad for Wrestlepalooza is shown then the opener.

We return to ringside as the fans chant “ECW” and bang their
Styrofoam heads. Joey plugs the PPV and its World title match. ECW World
Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Francine come out for an
interview. Joey throws his “Night of the Living Head “one-liner and Shane rakes
him over the coals for it verbally and physically. Shane even grabs Francine’s
arm. Amongst Joey’s profuse apologies Candido eats a right hand to the head
from Shane when he and Bam Bam come to Francine’s rescue. Douglas’ anger issues
from last week must be flaring up!

Match 1: Axl Rotten
and Balls Mahoney versus “Dastardly” Danny Doring and Roadkill (w/ Lance

Droz is at ringside as Wright’s new bodyguard. Brakkus must
have gotten the call to Stamford at this point. Doring armdrags Rotten to start
the match. The heels hug so Rotten levels Doring with a punch and Droz with a
steel chair. Welcome to ECW, Droz! Doring gives Rotten a running shoulderblock
but Rotten turns the tide with two armdrags and a body slam. Roadkill makes the
save on the pin attempt. Balls tags in and elbows Doring. After a quick tag Balls
holds Doring up on his shoulders so that Rotten can guillotine-clothesline him!
Another quick tag ensues. Rotten drop-toeholds Doring, and Balls legdrops the
back of his head. After a body slam Balls alerts the crowd that he’s going up
top. Even Doring got the memo as Balls misses the moonsault. Roadkill tags in. He
works over Balls and splashes him in the corner. To add insult to injury he
splashes him again in the opposite corner. Balls catches Roadkill coming off
the ropes and gives him a belly-to-back suplex. Rotten comes in and
clotheslines both Roadkill and Doring. All four men are in the ring. A double
whip leads to a meeting of the minds. Grabbing their trusty chairs Balls and
Rotten demolish Roadkill and Doring in their heads and get the pin! Balls and
Rotten will face the tag champs at the PPV. *1/2

Backstage Joey previews the next match as the FBI “dance”
much to Joey’s disgust. Donations will be accepted to better assist the FBI with
their “affliction” according to Joey. Nevertheless 2 Cold shows them the proper
way to get down. Sandman makes his way down the aisle this week in customary fashion.

Match 2: The FBI (w/
Tommy Rich) versus 2 Cold Scorpio and Sandman

After the introductions along with Joey’s plug of the next
ECW show in Philly (available via PP-listen at ecwwrestling.com) Tracy Smothers
and Scorpio start the match. Collar and elbow tie up quickly segues into a Smothers
fireman’s carry-takeover. Meanwhile Joey makes another dig at Smothers’ “affliction.”
Scorpio armdrags Smothers twice to gain control. Taking exception to 2 Cold’s
dancing skills with his words and mannerisms; he receives a punch to the mouth.
Fists are exchanged and Scorpio hits the cross-body on Smothers coming off the
ropes. Standing dropkick, elbow in the corner, and a slam keep Scorpio on
offense. He gives him the twisted leg drop from the second rope. Scorpio
returns to the top again and hits another cross-body for a near fall. Little Guido
comes in but gets backdropped for his efforts. Scorpio spinkicks and
thrustkicks the heels out of the ring.

Sandman tags in. He whips Little Guido into Smothers on the
apron knocking him to the floor. However, Little Guido comes back with a
swinging neckbreaker. As Smothers tags in, the FBI double-teams Sandman. They
give Sandman the double-armwringer and double-chops as well as the Paisan
double-elbowdrop. From the second turnbuckle Little Guido comes off with a
spectacular legdrop! Scorpio makes the save. Again the heels double-team
Sandman with elbows and axehandles. Immediately Little Guido packages Sandman with
an Oklahoma roll for a 2 count. I wonder if Little Guido gets discounts at JR’s
restaurant for those nowadays.

Sandman comes back with a slam and a slingshot legdrop attempt
that is blocked by Rich. Smothers charges Sandman sending him from the apron to
the railing. Rich instantly throws him back in. Upon a flapjack attempt Little Guido
bumps the referee. Scorpio gets the hot tag and goes to work on both Smothers
and Little Guido. A pair of thrust kicks put the FBI down. Scorpio slams Little
Guido then hits a twisting splash. Ref is still out. Rich distracts Scorpio and
then Smothers dropkicks him.

Allegedly crooked referee Jeff Jones enters the ring.
Smothers and Little Guido hold Scorpio, and Rich wallops him with a chain. Sandman
then comes in and canes both the ref and Little Guido! Rich and Smothers whip
Sandman to the corner but Scorpio comes off the top with a high crossbody onto
both of them. Scorpio then clotheslines Smothers out of the ring and lands a
plancha. Shortly thereafter Sandman canes Little Guido for the pin. **1/2

Back in the WWE Studios Joey previews the match between
Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible. Dreamer wants revenge for Credible’s
piledriver of Beulah prior to Living Dangerously.

Match 3: Justin
Credible (w/ Nicole Bass, Jason, and Chastity) versus Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beulah)

Beulah comes out wearing a black neck brace. Fists fly and
Tommy hits the ropes. He sails under Credible and nails the family jewels. The onslaught
continues with a side Russian legsweep and a Cactus clothesline. Dreamer then whips
Credible to the steel railing. Another whip sends Credible into the first row.
After dragging him back to ringside he feeds Credible some more tasty railing.
Manhattan clam chowder, anyone? A cookie tray to the head from Dreamer keeps
Credible reeling. Summoning Beulah to hold up a chair in front of the ring post
Tommy catapults Credible face-first into them! As Shawn Michaels used to say
that’s gonna leave a mark. Back in the ring Dreamer catches the boot and
pancakes Justin. Jason tries to interfere, but Dreamer brings him in the hard
way. He then ties Jason to the tree of woe, places a chair in front of his
face, and executes a running dropkick to the chair. He stops to celebrate but
Credible spears him.

After setting up a
chair in mid-ring Justin snapmares him and then dropkicks him in the face.
While Credible argues with the ref Chastity chokes Tommy on the bottom rope.
Joey calls her a “wench.” Justin then whips Tommy into a drop-toehold onto the
chair. As Tommy writes in pain on the mat Joey speculates that Tommy may have
broken his jaw. Jason gives Tommy his $.02 while he’s down. Credible Scorpion-deathdrops
Dreamer onto a chair then wedges said chair in the corner between the second
and top turnbuckle. He softens Tommy up with a swinging DDT and chops in the
corner. Then he tries to whip Tommy into the wedged chair but gets reversed instead.

Credible gets whipped to the corner and flips upside-down to
the mat.  Dreamer then picks him up, dumps
him on the top turnbuckle, and gives him a hangman’s neckbreaker. Fireman’s
carry into an airplane spin set up the Spicoli Driver from Tommy. The pin
appears to be academic, but Jason pulls out the ref! Chastity then eye-gouges
him! Justin comes back with a kick to the gut and “That’s Incredible.” Beulah
tends to the ref but gets hauled into the ring hair-first by Credible. He
attempts to give her “That’s incredible” but she wiggles free and gives him a
low blow. Chastity enters the ring and a catfight breaks out. Jason breaks that
up and viciously clotheslines Beulah!

Mikey Whipwreck jumps in the ring. He gives the Whippersnapper
(Stone Cold Stunner) not only to Jason but also Chastity and Credible. Seeing
the advantage Dreamer DDTs Credible and gets the pin. All of a sudden Nicole Bass
gets in Tommy’s face and kisses him! Since Dreamer only dates Penthouse models
he attempts to piledrive her, but Credible chairs Dreamer out of the ring.
Tommy, Mikey, and Beulah get beaten down by Bass, Jason, and Justin. Jason
tries to reinjure Mikey’s knee as Credible tries to break Dreamer’s leg. At the
same time Bass holds Beulah so she can watch. Whipwreck then receives “That’s
Incredible” on the steel chair as we head to commercial. ***

Joey recaps the show thus far and previews a 6 man tag team match.
The Triple Threat was set to face Jerry Lynn, Chris Chetti, and Tommy Rogers;
however, Rogers isn’t cleared to wrestle due to injury. As a substitute Lance
Storm heads to the ring!

Match 4: The Triple
Threat (w/ Francine) versus “Dynamic” Jerry Lynn, Chris Chetti, and Lance Storm

Joined in progress Chris Candido chops Lance Storm in the corner.
Storm returns fire, shoulderblocks him, and comes off the ropes with a spinning
heel kick. He dribbles Candido to his corner. A quick clip and Jerry Lynn is in
the ring. Lynn headscissors Candido to the mat then maintains his advantage
with an armdrag into an armbar. Another quick clip occurs. Bam Bam Bigelow teases
tossing Lynn into the crowd and press slams him. He then gives him a diving
headbutt coming off the ropes. Shane Douglas tags in. He taunts Lynn with his
title belt and hammers him with punches. Candido tags back in and gives Lynn a
running dropkick and belly-to-back suplex. Similar to Davey Boy Smith Candido
holds Lynn up for a vertical suplex for a while before completing the maneuver.

Shane tags back in and puts the boots to Lynn as the crowd
chants for “Head.” Yet another clip happens. Chris Chetti is in and gives
Candido a back body drop and a dropkick. He follows with a powerslam and a
swinging neckbreaker. Candido reverses a whip but Chetti sidekicks him coming
off the ropes. When Shane tries to interfere Storm clotheslines him from the
top rope. Individually the faces give Bigelow a dropkick. Then they whip him
into the ropes and triple-dropkick him! Pescado by Chetti onto Candido. Rolling
shoulderblock by Lynn on Douglas outside the ring. Storm mounts the top rope
and executes the high cross body press onto Bigelow. After another clip Candido
gives Storm the “Blond Bombshell.” Bigelow picks up Storm so he can deliver the
“Greetings from Asbury Park.” He places Candido on top of Storm for the pin.

After the match while the crowd cries for “Head” again Shane
is fuming! “I’m the reason there is an ECW for you…” as he denigrates the
crowd. Shane continues to swear at the crowd while claiming the Styrofoam heads
haven’t infiltrated his mindset. Consequently the crowd tosses their heads at
him! Shane destroys a head making reference to Al Snow.

Snow’s music hits and he rolls in the ring. Douglas attempts
to take control on Snow, but Al returns fire with Head then gives Douglas the
stungun. Douglas retreats as the show closes. **1/2

Back in the WWE Studios Joey praises Tony Lewis as the man
who led the charge in getting ECW PPV on Cablevision in New York City.

Overall momentum is picking up for ECW towards their next
PPV. While Douglas’ maniacal bullying of both Styles and Francine work for his
character I found it to be a little too strong for my tastes. Back in the 80s
when “Macho Man” Randy Savage would tell Elizabeth what to do it didn’t seem
right but wasn’t offensive. Shane’s attempt at domestic violence almost crossed
that line for me. The matches this week were not as crafty as last week, but they
were still enjoyable. I understand the reasons that Heyman edited footage for
the show yet only the last match contained brutal edits that disrupted the flow
of the match.

On another note it may not seem like much today but it was a
really big deal when ECW was finally available everywhere on PPV. Heyman’s rally
cry was heard by his fans so he acknowledged them…on TV! Ya gotta give Paul
props for trying there. Let’s see what next week’s show brings us.

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