3 Hour Raws

One of the big discussion topics recently is the addition of a third hour for the Raw shows. Now I never did watch Nitro but from what I have read, their three hour programs weren't exactly good television. So with many people foreshadowing terrible television with Raw going three hours, how would you book a good three hour Raw?

I wouldn't book a three hour show in the first place.  Even two hours feels too long with the current roster.  It leads to them artificially "building" stories every week when there's no story to tell (Punk/Bryan/Kane is a prime example) while they simply forget about entire storylines at the same time (Remember AW and the Colons sitting in the skybox that week and then they were never seen again?  Did they get locked in there?).  If you cut out all the Be A Star and RAW 1000 stuff, as well as 90% of the backstage comedy and "GM meeting with random wrestlers" segments you could have a hell of a 90 minute show that wouldn't bore the audience to death.  If you HAVE to have a third hour at the beginning, do a recap of the storylines going on, with a panel of people discussing and explaining whatever ridiculous storyline twist they're failing to get over that week.