CM Punk

Hi Scott,
Something that has bugged me for a while – was there any specific reason behind the change of theme song for CM Punk? A year on the 'cult of personality' theme still has not grown on me, and I feel it lacks the sudden attention-demanding screech of the Killswitch theme, which was as suited to Punk as the Stone Cold theme was to Steve Austin. They never felt the need to change Stone Cold/HHH/The Rock's themes, so why Punk's?    

I don't know where you were when they were big, but WWE changed those guys' themes LOTS.  HHH had the D-X theme, then some generic crap, then "My Time", and finally "The Game".  Rock had a whole bunch of remixed versions of his theme where they would seemingly tinker with the instruments and beat on a monthly basis.  Austin switched to that crappy Disturbed version of his theme in 2001.  Undertaker changed themes more than he changed socks.  
Change is good sometimes, especially when the original was a bunch of screamo crap.