Angle-killing promos

Hey, Scott.
That e-mail about great promos brought up a lot of examples that moved the business forward or brought in a lot of money. But then I thought about The Rock meeting the nWo at No Way Out in 2002 which was funny as hell but ultimately killed the angle before it got started. This wasn't the first time The Rock inadvertently committed character assassination (His Big Show impression and "My name's Billy" spring to mind.) Are there any other promos you or the board can think of that were incredibly entertaining but ultimately very bad for business?

Billy killed his own push just fine without Rock's help.  
This one is tougher because a downturn is harder to catch onto than an upswing, because who knows what might have affected business?  I think the worst offender was This Is Your Life Rock, though, because it was initially a success and then convinced Russo he needed to do that FOREVER.  Oh, also the first Bret-Shawn 20 minute interview on RAW in 1997, because that's where THAT came from.