The one-thousandth anniversary of RAW

I was wondering what your thoughts on the RAW 1000 show will be like. While it
is a very significant milestone, I can't help feeling this show is gonna suck.
With the state of the state of the "creative" being what it is, and
remembering that useless 10th anniversary show, what should be a great
celebration will end up with lots of HHH, midget jokes and farting. Your

But they've done a THOUSAND episodes!  No other regularly scheduled weekly episodic prime time entertainment program has even come close achieving this very important milestone before!  Sure, all those other shows can sell their hundreds of episodes in syndication and make billions of dollars in revenue in perpetuity, but RAW has done A THOUSAND EPISODES!  That means they're important!  
By the way, your amusing thing of the week:  "anti-smark" people on wrestling websites who are like "OMG, who cares about ratings if you're entertained!?" when it's WWE itself who is constantly trumpeting their own ratings ON THESE VERY SHOWS!  
I'm sure the show will be fine.  Unless all their main eventers are either suspended or concussed between now and then.  And I'd only give that a max chance of 70%.  Maybe 75%.