Great Promos

Hi Scott
Thought it would be fun if you did a thread on the best promos and I have a couple of questions which arise from my top half dozen:
6) CM Punk, Raw 2011. Punk “shoots” on Vince, the audience, ice cream bars and kicks off the summer of Punk. Seen by the IWC as a break-through moment and hopefully the start of a new direction for the WWE but in fact went no-where and if the ratings are to believed fell flat with the mass audience.
5) Mick Foley , ECW TV – the hardcore promos.  Unintentionally or otherwise Mick foreshadows why eventually ECW and the attitude era will eat themselves and calls out wrestlers for being bigger marks than the fans.
4) Bret Hart, WWE Raw – Bret turns heel on the US fans in 1997. Several great promos in this series but the “here in Canada we look after each other” one wins for me.
3) Steve Austin, ECW TV – the “all I’ve seen is a bunch of violent crap” promo.  For me beats out the more famous WWE King of Ring 3:16 promo as the real the birth of Austin character and the attitude era.
2) Hogan, WCW Bash at Beach – Hogan turns heel on the fans and forms the NWO. Kicks off the WCW end of the most profitable period in wrestling’s history and reinvents the Hogan character for a another half decade.
And in first place..
1) Dusty Rhodes, Mid Atlantic Wrestling – Hard Times.  The promo equivalent of Steamboat / Savage; in three minutes Dusty gets himself and Flair over, explains why they are feuding, connects with the audience and remembers to sell the damn PPV! In my opinion the perfect promo from one of the greatest of all time on the stick.
Looking at this list two things leap out.  Firstly five of them are heel promos and at least two if not four are actually cut on the audience as much as another wrestler – so it is easier  to do a great heel promo? Secondly where is the Rock in the list given that he is supposed to be one of the most charismatic stars of the modern era?

Well, I mean, it's your list, so you'd have to tell me where the Rock is.  Rock did a lot of great promos on a weekly basis, but nothing I'd call a single great money promo like these.  Just like Austin did a lot of the same kind of stuff week after week, and Flair in the glory days of TBS.  I'd also put HHH's "I Am The Game" promo in there somewhere because it kicked off a decade-long push.  
And yeah, I think it's easier to do a great heel promo, because there's so many more shortcuts and tricks they can use that babyfaces really can't.  A heel doesn't have to connect with the audience and make them empathize, it just works out better if they do.