Face/Heel Turn Questions

Heyo Mr. Kieth.  Just some quickfire questions I am curious about for ya, relating to face/heel turns:

KEITH.  But let's move past that…

Off the top of your head, who do you think turned the Most in their career?  (I can't imagine anyone more than Kane)

Big Show.  Someone made a list on CRZ's board and it's by far Big Show.  

Who has the most significant Face turn for the business? (Austin?)

No way, Hogan in 83.  Austin was going to be a star and fans turned him face as a result, but Hogan's face turn off Rocky III propelled him to the top.
Who has the most significant Heel turn for the business? (Hogan am thinking)

That was pretty big indeed.  Biggest one for a specific period of business would be Savage in 89, because it drew huge money for almost an entire year.  
Most significant Face turn for the wrestler? (I would say Austin, but he really didn't change much, just fought bad guys more)

Undertaker in 92.  Turned him from midcard Hogan victim and gimmick wrestler into main event superstar for another twenty years following.  Also John Cena in 2003 would be an obvious choice.  
Most significant heel turn for the wrestler? (The Rock i would think)

Yeah, that's a good one.  Bret in 97 completely changed his life, too.  

Most Ill advised Face turn?

Randy Orton in 2004.  A complete disaster that made him into less of a star and completely undercut everything they were trying to do with him.  
Most ill advised Heel turn? 


Most significant tag-team turn?  (Doesn't happen much, as it is usually one partner turns on another)

E&C / Hardyz double-turn in 99?  Probably I'd go Road Warriors beating Dusty Rhodes into a bloody pulp in 88, though, because they made themselves main eventers again.  
Biggest Pop you heard from a Heel-Face turn?

Hogan in 2002.  Assuming we're counting the Rock match for that one. 

Biggest Boo from a Face-Heel turn? (Gotta be Hogan, maybe even Andre on Hogan)

Orndorff on Hogan.  That crowd was ENRAGED. 
Thank you, and keep up the good work!