Through hellfire and brimstone

Dude, seriously, what's your beef with Kane? For a big guy, he's always been a pretty reliable worker, he's done everything that's ever been asked of him (and if he hasn't, I'd hate to see what he nixed…), including putting anyone over at any given time and making the best of absolutely brutal angles that are obviously no fault of his own. He's proven to be more professional than most of the other performers in the locker room, I don't think he's ever had a wellness violation, he's also a pretty smart guy outside the rasslin' world on top of that.
So every now and then they throw him a bone and give him a push, as it's always been easy to throw him in the main event mix because he's reached the point of being perpetually over, no matter how many jobs he does or stupid angles he's been involved in. His early work of emoting with the mask on was impressive and his mic skills aren't bad at all, considering the source material he has to work with. To be honest, I don't really understand why they finally brought back the old-school Big Red Machine look just to have him job like a chump to Cena and others, the Wrestlemania win over Orton notwithstanding.
Is there any redeeming quality to the character/performer for you, or do you just have a mad hate-on for Kane? If you were in control, what would you do with him? Wish him the best in his future endeavours or revamp his moveset ala the Undertaker? He's not getting any younger, but I think there could still be value in the huge monster with the bad-ass supernatural look to him.
Isaac Yankem, D.D.S.

I don't hate him personally, but he has pretty terrible matches much of the time, and he's been directly involved in some of the absolute worst angles in the history of wrestling.  Makes it tough to appreciate him.  If it was me, yes, I'd let him go and maybe he could do some indies or TNA, freshen up his character, and come back more effectively at a later date.  As it is, he's been kicking around for what, close to 20 years straight now as a worker and for 15 as the same character?  Putting a mask off and on him can only do so much.