Smackdown – June 8, 2012


June 8, 2012

Colonial Center, Columbia, South Carolina

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

to the blue guys again for another Smackdown. The only thing
announced so far is that Del Rio and Sheamus will do something.
Whatever that something is has yet to be announced but that might be
for the better. The whole company is almost at a standstill at the
moment but hopefully things pick up soon. Let’s get to it.

You Know Your Enemy? Mine is people that won’t return e-mails.

Del Rio to open things up. He shows us a clip from Raw and his
attack on Sheamus’ arm, because we haven’t had an arm injury angle in
two full weeks now. After some basic threats of taking the title,
here’s…..Ricardo dressed as Sheamus. He even has white leggings
and arm covers to make himself look pale. Del Rio says this isn’t
really Sheamus, because anyone can pound their chest like a caveman,
spike their hair like a stupid kid and act like a hooligan. Ricardo
tries a Brogue Kick and falls down.

the real Sheamus who looks ticked off. Both guys jump him
immediately but Sheamus throws Ricardo out with ease. Rodriguez
comes back in and Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the head. He goes for the
arm but Sheamus fights him off and clears the ring. They go to leave
but Sheamus chases them down and runs them over. He tries to load up
the High Cross off the stage but Ricardo makes the save. They go for
the arm again but referees break it up. Teddy comes out and says
that since Ace isn’t here, he’s in charge tonight. He makes Sheamus
vs. Kane and Del Rio vs. this man.

Del Rio vs. Great Khali

starts with the chops in the corner but misses a big boot in the
corner, allowing Del Rio to go after his legs. He puts on a leg lock
but Khali punches him in the head to escape. Why over complicate
things I guess. A kick to the head of Khali gets two. After some
more knee work, he switches to the arm for no apparent reason. Del
Rio goes up but jumps into another chop to the chest. Ricardo
distracts Khali to stop the Punjabi Plunge and the Cross Armbreaker
gets the submission at 3:29.

D. Nothing to see here other
than a near squash. Khali is fine for roles like this as he wasn’t
in there long and his size alone makes beating him seem impressive.
Del Rio isn’t interesting still, but at least with Ricardo out there
we’ll get some decent comedy moments. The match was just ok.

get the Big Show piece from Raw where he talks about being tired of
being seen as a joke.

is in the back when Brodus’ girls and Brodus himself come in. Brodus
is now officially on Smackdown permanently but can’t be on Raw
because of Big Show. Ok then.

Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

Clay sees Big Show when he sees Bateman. Clay pounds Bateman down
with ease and we head to the floor for the headbutt. Back in the
ring there’s the splash and suplex. Splash and we’re done at 1:05.

on the Mexico/South America tour.

favorite Raw moment is his match with Buff Bagwell for the WCW Title.
Oh what a disaster that was.

Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

immediately knocks him down but Cara comes back with his kicks. Drew
gets in a shot and takes over, sending Cara to the floor for a
second. Back in and it’s a chinlock for a big but Cara comes back
with some ranas. A BIG boot sends Cara flying, but Drew charges into
two boots in the corner. Cara goes up and tries to jump into his
finisher but Drew blocks it. Cara never hits the ground and comes
out with a spinning DDT for the pin at 3:15.

C. Cara has looked WAY better
since coming back. He’s not botching anything of note and he’s
mixing up his finishing moves which is a nice touch. He’s beating up
jobbers pretty easily which is a good sign also. That’s something
the company has improved on in the last month or so: its use of
jobbers for squashes.

Andriotis/Kevin Mahoney vs. Ryback

MuscleBuster/Samoan Drop, 1:43. Next.

crew sets up the Peep Show set but Cody Rhodes comes out and breaks
it up. He talks about how he was going to be the guest on the show
tonight but Christian should be pandering to him instead of Cody
pandering to the host. Cue Christian who says he’s the one that beat
Cody, not the other way around. Cody wants to know who Christian
thinks he’s fooling, because before then he didn’t care about any of
the people.

says he had a moment of clarity. He missed most of the year with an
injury, and while he was out he inducted Edge into the Hall of Fame.
While Edge was giving his speech, it occurred to Christian that a
career can end in an instant. He didn’t want to be remembered a the
guy that whined about wanting one more match all the time. He wanted
to come back and win championships and put together a Hall of Fame
career on his own. Cody laughs about Christian being in the Hall of
Fame and says that at No Way Out, the title is coming home.
Christian says shut up and wants a fight, but here’s Dolph Ziggler.

vs. Dolph Ziggler

should be good. So Christian was going to do the talk show and
wrestle? That’s quite a night. Cody sits in on commentary. Feeling
out process to start with Ziggler throwing Christian to the floor.
Christian comes back quickly and rams Ziggler into the barricade.
Dolph knees him down and we take a break. Back with Ziggler holding
a chinlock which Christian easily breaks.

takes him right back down and hooks the same hold as Cody complains
about not getting a fair shake at Over the Limit. A slingshot sends
Christian into the corner but the Fameasser is countered into a
powerbomb for two. Christian hits an uppercut while Ziggler is on
the ropes but the spinning sunset flip is rolled through and the
Fameasser gets two. Christian puts him back down but his spear is
countered by a dropkick for two. There’s the sleeper but Christian
counters quickly. He goes up and knocks a charging Ziggler down so
that the Frog Splash can get the pin at 6:34 shown of 10:04.

C+. This was the match you
would expect these two to have. Ziggler is basically a jobber to the
stars at this point, which is pretty stupid given the lack of main
event talent they have at the moment. With Jericho and Orton both
suspended, Ziggler could be a solid fill-in guy, but instead they
have him jobbing left and right. The good thing is they haven’t had
him look weak in these losses, which will help him a lot in the long

get the ENTIRE Cole vs. Cena segment from Raw.

speaks about the incident but gets cut off by JR……being imitated
by Hornswoggle. We get some slow motion replays of the beating and
Horny laughs a lot. Thankfully Damien Sandow cuts this off to save
us. He runs down Horny and goes after him but Tyson Kidd makes the
save. He dropkicks Sandow to the floor and Sandow walks away. When
Kidd turns to look at the leprechaun, Sandow comes back in and beats
Kidd up, hitting his neckbreaker.

only cares about winning the triple threat match tonight. AJ’s look
means nothing to him. Kane walks away and AJ is watching him from
behind some crates.

Uso vs. Antonio Cesaro

has to do the entrances for Antonio and Aksana. Cesaro pounds him
into the corner to start but Jimmy comes back with a superkick to the
ribs. A headbutt gets two but Cesaro throws him into the air and
down into the European Uppercut. The falling Cradle Piledriver gets
the pin at 58 seconds.

favorite Raw moment is the Breakthrough Battle Royal.

vs. Kane

fight over a lockup to start with neither guy getting an advantage.
A shoulder puts Sheamus down so the champ goes after the arm. Kane
throws him into the corner but Sheamus comes back with some punches.
That gets him nowhere as Kane rams him into the corner and works on
the bad arm. A brief comeback is stopped and Sheamus is thrown to
the apron and booted to the floor as we take a break.

with Kane getting one off a move we didn’t see. Kane hooks a neck
crank followed by a side slam for two. Back to the crank which is
broken a bit slower this time. Sheamus comes back with some kicks to
the ribs and hits the top rope shoulder to put Kane down. A running
knee to the ribs and a double ax get two for Sheamus. Powerslam gets
the same. Regal Roll is countered and Kane uppercuts him down.

low dropkick gets two and Sheamus grabs the Irish Curse out of
nowhere for the same. Sheamus is getting a little frustrated so he
drops a bunch of knees on the back of Kane. Here comes the Brogue
Kick but instead he opts for the ten forearms. A suplex back in is
blocked and Kane goes for the clothesline. A superplex attempt is
blocked but the clothesline misses. White Noise hits but Kane tries
the chokeslam. Sheamus fights out of it and they clothesline each
other, followed by Ricardo running in for the DQ at 9:34 shown of

C. This was getting decent but
it was clear they couldn’t have either guy go over leading up to PPV
title matches. That being said, while the ending was predictable it
doesn’t mean it was bad. It’s good that they don’t have either guy
lose clean, but at the same time, why would Del Rio want to interfere
here when Kane could do more damage to Sheamus?

takes Sheamus down post match and here’s AJ to smile at Kane. The
distraction lets Sheamus Brogue Kick Kane’s head off. Ricardo gets
up and Sheamus does the same to him to end the show.

C. This wasn’t bad and
it did its job of furthering the main event match. We also got
another match added to the PPV with the IC Title in it, as well as
got some TV time for some of the new characters. Adding Brodus to
Smackdown is probably a good idea as there’s only so much room for
him on Raw at the moment. This wasn’t a great show but it certainly
wasn’t bad, which is pretty good anymore.


Del Rio b. Great Khali – Cross Armbreaker

Clay b. Derrick Bateman – Splash

Cara b. Drew McIntyre – Spinning DDT

b. Kevin Mahoney/Tony Androitis – Double MuscleBuster

b. Dolph Ziggler – Frog Splash

Cesaro b. Jimmy Uso – Falling Cradle Piledriver

vs. Kane went to a no contest when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered

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