Lightning Round!

I thought I'd shoot you some questions you could answer on the blog. Give the peeps something to talk about too. Before I get started on that though, I was curious, how come you've never got a job in pro-wrestling? Have you had the chance to? I mean, with your knowledge, and complete and total understanding of how the game works, I would think companies would be dying to get you. Anyway, you're a pro at the lightning round, so let's get crazy….

As I've mentioned a few times before, the only job in wrestling I would have any interest in pursuing is "Guy who goes through the WWE video library looking for stuff to put on the DVDs and Classics channel".  I don't know what the official designation is, but if I could make as much doing that as my current job, I would happily do that until I retired.  Ed Koskey promised me that if he ever got into any real power, he's make that happen for me, so I anxiously await my job offer every time he moves up in status.  

Lightning Round!


Wrestler who had a great legacy, but has now done more to harm it than preserve it? [not counting Benoit]

Scott Hall.  Runner up Jake Roberts.  

What could that wrestler do, if anything, to bring it back?

Get cleaned up, get a job as a booker/agent/producer, and get TNA on the right track.  

Which wrestler has let himself go the worst in terms of physique? [not counting fat guy who just got more fat]

Ric Flair.  Granted he's a senior citizen, but that's exactly why he SHOULDN'T be out there showing his skin.  

Moment that made you most embarrassed to be a wrestling fan? [not counting Benoit]

Watching King of the Ring 95 with some casual fan friends.  What a brutal show to introduce to people.

Moment that made you most proud?

Savage-Liz at Wrestlemania VII.

Moment you wish you could have been there for live?

The Hart Foundation's entrance at Canadian Stampede.  I will regret missing that one forever because I should have been there and just couldn't get out of work that day.   

We all know Flair v Steamboat is your favorite match, but what about least favorite?

Undertaker-Yokozuna casket match at Rumble 94.  I hated the match, the booking, the finish, the participants, and the aftermath was ridiculously embarrassing as a fan.  

After seeing what happened to all those on the cover of Wrestling's Made Men, is the Keith Cover Curse real?

Well Austin and Big Show are still alive at least.  So that seems to discount it.