Michael’s Impact Review

JUNE 7, 2012

–  Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Taz.

–  At the end of last week’s show, Dixie threatens all of production for airing her call with AJ.  Now live in the ring, Dixie whips up some tears and doesn’t understand why Daniels would air that.  She wants to tell the truth tonight and this brings out Daniels and Kazarian.  Daniels starts in with his line of questioning and Dixie starts swinging at him.  Daniels corners her and she cowers in the corner.  AJ comes out to make the save and the heels leave the ring.  Dixie’s husband comes to the ring and stares down AJ.  He swings on AJ and COMPETE OVER-SELL by AJ!  Dixie cries some more and we’ll be right back.
–  We see replays over the entire first segment and find out that Dixie and AJ have left the building.
1.  Crimson vs.  Austin Aries
–  Backstage, Aries tells Samoa Joe that what happened last week was a mis-understanding.  Now in the ring, Aries can’t take down Crimson.  Crimson works over Aries in the corner.  Aries floats over a slam and works Crimson over with kicks.  Discus forearm by Aries drops Crimson.  Slingshot by Aries gets 2.  He tries it again and Crimson gets the knees up.  Aries counters the Red Sky with a huricarana.  Brain Buster is blocked and Aries dives on Crimson on the floor.  Back inside, Aries goes up top and Samoa Joe knocks him to the floor.  He rolls Aries in and Crimson makes the cover for the win @ 3:25.  (Not a bad match.  Furthers Aries/Joe and Crimson stays undefeated.  C-.)
–  Crimson brags that no one can beat him.  468 days and counting, and much better than that Goldberg guy.  Nice.  He issues an open challenge for Sunday.
–  Backstage, Hulk Hogan babbles on and on about every storyline in a matter of 30 seconds.
–  Back on Impact, Brooke Hogan thanks all the Knockouts backstage..AGAIN.  She books a number one contenders match in the form of a 4 way tonight.  She also gives Velvet Sky a spot in a country music video.  How hay-seed.  
–  In the Impact Zone, Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring.  Next week, the TNA Title will be defended the night after Slammiversary.  This brings out Bobby Roode.  He feels disrespected by Hogan.  He thinks Hogan is jealous of him.  He tells Hogan to get out of his ring and out comes Sting.  Roode attacks Sting and Sting no-sells it.  Sting beats on him until Roode bails to the back.  Knockouts 4 Way is next.
–  Backstage, Joseph Park says he will get truth and justice on Sunday.
2.  Mickie James vs.  Velvet Sky vs.  Miss Tessmacher vs.  Tara
–  All 4 in the ring at the same time, first pinfall wins it.  Velvet and Mickie clear the ring and Mickie rolls up Velvet for 2.  We’ll be right back!  Back on Impact,  Tarantula is on Velvet.  Tessmacher runs in to roll up Mickie for 2.  Mickie kicks her down with an enziguiri.  Jawbreaker by Tessmacher and Velvet runs back in.  Tara rolls her up for 2.  Gail Kim is out on commentary now.  Tara with a Boston Crab on Velvet and Mickie headlocks Tara.  Velvet kicks Tara out the ring.  Head scissors takeover on Mickie.  Tara throws her to the floor.  Tara heads up top and misses a moonsault.  Mickie superkicks Velvet down.  Tessmacher with a faceplant on Mickie and wins it @ 10:33.  (Great Knockouts match, kind of surprised by the ending. C+.)
–  Backstage, Bully Ray says he is throwing out the old contract.  We will have a new contract signing later and you will want to see what he has in store.  
–  We see Hulk Hogan on the phone with AJ and he tells him he doesn’t care about his personal problem and he is booked in a 6 man tag for the main event.  He punctuates it with a “son of a bitch”.
–  In the ring, Jeremy Borash oversees the contract signing between Bully Ray and Joseph Park.  Ray comes out first sporting his new Jack Daniels style shirt.  Ray takes to the podium and asks if everyone knows who he is.  Joseph Park comes out next and I’m surprised he doesn’t already have an entrance video and music.  Ray rips up the original contract and throws it at Park.  He says that was a standard wrestling contract for a standard wrestling match.  He has a new contract that releases him of all liability.  If he hurts Park, he isn’t held responsible.  Park refuses to sign it.  Ray extends his hand and spits in his face.  Park agrees to fight for his brother, Chris.  He signs the contract and an explosion goes off.  Abyss is on the big screen.  He says he warned him to stay away.  He promises to be at Slammiversary.  Ray attacks Park in the ring and leaves.  
–  Earlier today, Garret Bischoff offers to have Devon’s back in match tonight against Robbie E.  They will be partners Sunday against Robbie E and ROBBIE T.
–  We take a look back at the fallout from last week’s Gut Check.  Taz says he stands behind his decision.  He tells Joey Ryan to get better and prove him wrong.  We see Joey Ryan’s comments backstage from last week.  He calls Taz a joke and Al Snow confronts him.  He escorts him out of the building.
3.  Robbie E (with ROBBIE T) vs.  Devon (with Garret Bischoff)
–  Robbie attacks Devon before the bell.  Madison Rayne comes out applying lip gloss.  WORLDS COLLIDING!  Robbie drops Devon with a running elbow for 2.  Devon spears Robbie coming off the ropes.  Diving shoulderblock by Devon and then a Standing Uranage.  ROBBIE T trips up Devon.  Referee is arguing with Garret on the outside and ROBBIE rolls Robbie on top of a small package.  Referee catches him and Garret turns it back over.  Devon wins it @ 2:52.   (Not even worth the time of viewing, especially that Little E is now involved in this mess.  They should push Robbie better or give him the title back.  D-.)
–  Post-match, Devon and Garret clear the ring of the Robbies.  AND THAT IS YOUR DIRECT IMPACT OF THE NIGHT!
–  We go back to earlier tonight when Roode interrupted Hogan.  Now live in the ring, it’s more Hulk Hogan.  Hogan was about to make a MAJOR announcement before he was interrupted.  Before he can say anything further, out comes Mr. Anderson.  Answer me this:  how can Anderson have fans called Assholes, yet they bleep out “ass”?  And how come they didn’t bleep him saying “asshole” weeks before, yet still bleeped “ass”.  Wait now he says it UNCENSORED!  My head is gonna explode.  Anderson says that Hogan was about to name him the next in line for a title shot after Slammiversary.  Hogan asks if he can continue and gets Anderson’s blessing.  He calls Rob Van Dam out to the ring.  Now he wants Jeff Hardy out in the ring, as well.  Now Anderson is playing up being a heel?  Hogan is losing his voice, but holds it together long enough to book Anderson vs. Hardy vs. RVD at Slammiversary in a number one contenders match.  Six Man Main Event is next.
4.  Daniels, Kazarian, and Bobby Roode vs.  Kurt Angle, Sting, and AJ Styles
–  AJ is a no show and heels attack before the bell.  Sting slaps a Scorpion Deathlock on Daniels and Angle puts on the Ankle Lock on Kaz.  They make the ropes and we’ll be right back.  Back on Impact, Daniels covers Sting for 2.  Kaz comes in and slingshots an elbow drop for 2.  Spin heel kick by Kaz gets 2.  Roode tagged in and misses a corner attack.  Sting misses a Stinger Splash.  Daniels and Kaz take out Angle.  Sting in the Crossface.  AJ Styles runs in and attacks Daniels.  Angle back in and belly to belly suplexes Kaz out of the ring.  PELE on Daniels and he is on the floor.  AJ flies on top of the pile of bodies on the floor.  Roode misses a shot with the title and Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock.  Roode taps again @ 10:15.  (Good way to set up the matches for Slammiversary.  Match was kind of a mess at the end.  C-.)
–  A good enough go-home show to build up Slammiversary.  All the matches got time and things didn’t seemed rushed like last week.  Knockouts are slowly getting my attention as one of the main factors of watching TNA.  There has to be a reason they are highly rated.  Entertaining, not bad looking, and great in-ring action.  I have you covered for Slammiversary on Sunday.  See you there.