Fwd: Frakkin Nerds Plug

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From: "Lenny Vowels" Hey, Scott. I was just hoping you'd be so kind as to plug our blog and radio show. Much like you, we also use the ol' Blogger, and our show consists of everything nerd-related in the worlds of movies, video games, television… you name it. We're returning this Sunday after a short hiatus, so I hope all your readers will give us a listen when we return live! Thanks! http://thefrakkinnerds.blogspot.com/ http://www.spreaker.com/show/frakkin_nerds_1 P.S. Is it odd that all 3-4 of us are/were huge wrestling fans once upon a time, yet we've never mentioned wrestling at all on the show? Or is it for the best, since there isn't much to talk about these days anyway?