WCW options

On WWE's DVD about the 'Rise and Fall of WCW', Chris Jericho made a comment about how, if he knew what WCW was selling for, he would have bought it.  I have no idea if he was serious or not, but I do recall WCW going for a fairly low price.  His comment got me thinking: do you think there could have been a scenario where a worker (or workers) purchased the brand before McMahon did?  It would have been pretty interesting poetic justice if a bunch of former WCW mid-carders threw in together and bought up the company.

There was no "company" to buy. Vince got a smoking deal because he was just buying the rights to the name "WCW" and the tape library.  All the contracts were still on the Turner books until Vince officially took them over, so anyone who bought WCW would immediately be on the hook for millions of dollars in salary and a whole lot of other debt that pretty much only Time Warner could deal with.  So no, Jericho wasn't being serious and it wouldn't have worked even if he was.  While Vince might have gotten a fire sale price, no one else would have.