WCW Worldwide 4/17/1993

Taped from Orlando, FL

Airdate: April 17, 1993

Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Tony welcomes us to another edition of WCW Worldwide as the
World Tag Team Champions the Hollywood Blonds (“Flyin’” Brian Pilman and “Stunning”
Steve Austin) make their way to the ring manually rolling their air cameras.

Match 1: The
Hollywood Blonds versus Amos Moses and Joey Jackson

The Blonds come out in matching vests and tights. Austin
tries to hold back Pillman from leaving the ring to attack fans at ringside. Jesses
notes their relocation to the west coast. Austin starts with Jackson. A few
snapmares by Austin keep him in control. Jackson gets to the ropes after an
armbar but Austin tries to rearrange his face. After another snapmare Pillman
tags in. He delivers a few chops to Jackson in the corner. The crowd obliges
him with a Flair “Woo!” Pillman throws Jackson outside so that Austin can do
his dirty work on him with the towel around the neck. Pillman returns to the corner
so Austin towels him off. Very clever heelwork. Austin tags in and dropkicks
Jackson. Moses tags in. Austin promptly suplexes and slams him. Pillman tags
back in. He roughs up Moses by rubbing his face into the canvas and punches and
slaps him in the face. Austin tags in and the Blonds double-team Moses. Yet
another snapmare by Austin segues into an intentional lackadaisical cover.
Austin then whips him into the ropes and gives him the Stun Gun. Pillman tags
in again. Both Pillman and Austin are treating Moses like a rag doll with their
slaps and punches. A body slam is followed by a tag to Austin. The Blonds then
give Moses “The Atomic Blonds” (double-splash from the top). Austin makes the
pinfall. The tag team champions definitely showed their heel personas with
their arrogance and mean-spiritedness towards their opponents. *

Tony and Jesse inform us that we will see Scott
“Flash”Norton in action. Also, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham
will face Steve Regal.

In the first installment of WCW Magazine Tony Gilliam addresses
the controversy between Windham and Flair. Windham informs Regal that he “won’t
take it lightly.” Last week an incident occurred between Windham and his former
partner and friend Arn Anderson. Highlights will be shown later.

Match 2: “Heavy
Metal” Van Hammer versus Gary McGough

While Van Hammer wears Harley-Davidson gear to the ring Gary
McGough has a mullet-Mohawk. Van Hammer throws him down to start. McGough tries
a standing shoulderblock to no avail. He gets the advantage with a running
kick, punch, and pushing Van Hammer’s head into the turnbuckle. A second one is
blocked; however, and Van Hammer makes McGough eat turnbuckle a few times. A
chop and a hiplock keep Van Hammer in control.  He then bodyslams him, gives him a back body
drop, suplexes him,  and elbowdrops him
coming off the ropes. A splash in the corner is followed by “Hammer Rocks”
(slingshot suplex made famous by Tully Blanchard). Hammer then pins him. During
the replay Jesse mentions that Van Hammer won’t be able to give Vinnie Vegas
that maneuver. DUD

Match 3: Scott
“Flash” Norton versus T.C. McCoy

Norton makes his WCW debut here rocking the mullet. McCoy
tries an ill-advised wristlock which Norton just throws off. McCoy tries the
side headlock but receives a vicious elbow coming off the ropes. Headbutt and a
clothesline practically decapitate McCoy. I wonder if the Hatfields put out a
contract on T.C.  and Norton is
fulfilling it. He headbutts and clothelines McCoy again coming out of the
corner. A third clothesline and McCoy should be legally dead. Norton pins him
with one hand. DUD

A promo for Maxx Payne is shown. Payne plays some power
chords on his electric guitar.

Match 4: Maxx Payne
versus Hartford Hart

I don’t even need to joke about Hartford Hart’s name because
Jesse beats me to it. Maxx starts the match off with a running clothesline. He
powerslams and elbowdrops him. Tony offers us some insight by saying “Boy, we
have seen some big ones on this program.” Jesse then replies “You’re starting
to sound like Missy Hyatt.” There’s your TV-14 rating right there, folks. Maxx
gives Hart the Anderson slam. He runs Hart shoulder-first into the corner then
takes him down with the “Payne-killer” (armbar submission).  Hart gives up. DUD

Eric Bischoff and Greg Gagne promote the WCW Computerized
Contenders Challenge. Each week a title will be on the line starting in May.

Match 5: “Beautiful”
Bobby Eaton versus Johnny Gunn

Before the bell rings a fan holds up a “Jesse for President”
sign. Make your own assessments, folks, because I’m not here for political
commentary. Jesse then promotes “A Flair for the Gold” coming in two weeks. Top
wristlock is applied by both men to start the match. Gunn grabs an armbar.  Running shoulderblock by Gunn is reversed to
an abdominal stretch attempt by Eaton. Gunn reverses that into an armdrag. He
works on the arm until Eaton drop-toeholds him down. Eaton gains control before
Gunn elbows and chops him. After a whip reversal Gunn jumps off the second rope
and misses a crossbody press. To demonstrate his veteran skills Eaton capitalizes
on the mistake, mounts the top turnbuckle, and drives the knee into the back.
He gets the pin.

Here comes Arn Anderson. He grabs the microphone and talks
to Eaton. Anderson questions Bobby’s loyalty while Arn was on the shelf. He
cuts ties with him then wallops him! He whips him into the ropes and destroys
him with a spinebuster!  * for the action
after the match.

In the second installment of WCW Magazine Tony Gilliam
promotes next week’s show which features Marcus Alexander Bagwell and 2 Cold
Scorpio. Bagwell and Scorpio have their eyes set on the Hollywood Blonds.

Slamboree ’93: A Legends Reunion is coming on May 23 from
the Omni in Atlanta, GA.

A look back takes us to Windham interrupting an interview to
address Arn Anderson. Speak of the Horseman and he appears. A brawl ensues.

Match 6: NWA World
Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham versus Steve Regal

Steve is neither a Lord nor a William by this point in his
career. During the previous segment Windham had a full beard. Here he’s clean
shaven. Collar and elbow tie-up and Regal armdrags Windham. In retaliation Windham
works the arm into a hammerlock on the mat. Regal escapes with an elbow and a
couple European uppercuts. Windham retakes control on the arm. Windham
Anderson-slams Regal. Barry gets lazy by jawing with the referee so Regal gives
him more uppercuts. He works on Windham’s arm.

Back from commercial Regal whips Windham into the corner and
follows with an elbow. Another uppercut and whip by Regal but he misses a blind
charge. Windham elbows him in the corner then tosses him across the ring. He
gives Regal a snapmare then delivers a knee to the head and suplexes him.
Windham rakes his eyes across his bootlaces and feeds him an elbow. He bodyslams
and legdrops Regal. Futile attempts by Regal are made to take over. Windham
gives him a few rights in the corner to soften him up. He belly-to-back
suplexes him. Regal keeps kicking out.

Regal tries to come back, but Windham is too strong. Barry
gutwrench-suplexes him. After Regal tries to come back again Windham rakes his
eyes on the top rope. Jesse praises Barry for that. A Windham lariat leads to
another near-fall. He tries to slam him but Regal reverses into a cradle for a
near-fall. Another slam attempt by Windham and Regal rolls him up coming off
the ropes. Regal mounts some offense but a cross body attempt puts both men
over the top rope and outside the ring. Regal’s leg gets caught in the ropes.
Back in the ring Windham drives Regal to the mat with a leaping DDT for the
pin. Regal showed a lot of promise in this match but Windham used his
experience to take down the young Brit. ***

After the match Tony Schiavone interviews Barry Windham. He
cuts a promo on Arn Anderson. Tony mentions the return of “Nature Boy” Ric
Flair but Windham gets defensive and leaves. Jesse joins Tony and they close
the show.

Overall this show has some promise with the upcoming
Computerized Contenders Challenge. Since Worldwide tapings covered months of
WCW programming in 1993 this program should act as the history teacher of WCW
that year. Let’s hope it passes the test again next week.

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