Point of Clarification

Just to clarify something on the Linda senate thread, my point was not that the original article was correct in calling WWE “pornography” or whatever ignorant description he put forth.  The original article was pretty ill-conceived in the first place and based on the usual faulty stereotypes about our so-called sport.  That being said, the bigger stupidity was WWE freaking out and crying “BULLYING!  LIBEL!” when the election season hasn’t even begun yet, especially when it’s so easy to prove in court than in fact they could easily be perceived as sleaze merchants just as bad as they’re portrayed in that article.

Also, to the point that any other movie with sex in it could be considered pornography, those movies have a fairly strict rating system where parents are advised in advance that something is R-rated, for example, so that they don’t generally want to have their kids watching.  RAW, on the other hand, is specifically targeted at teen and pre-teen males and is rated PG and sometimes PG-13, so not only are they arguably engaging the behavior they are suing over, but they’re doing it on shows that are intended to be watched by kids.

In summary:  Both sides are ignorant.  Hopefully neither one sues me over that.