Fun with Linda’s campaign

As a former resident of Connecticut, Ive been following Linda's 2nd Senate campaign as closely as the first when I got to vote against her. This one is a LOT more fun.
Started off sort of innocently with a local editor doing the standard, WWE was raunch pre-2008 column. Unlike the 1st campaign, the WWE fired back with lawsuit threats and claimed they were being "bullied" – I have no idea how they got that.
In response, basically every CT newspaper has called out the WWE for being the bullies. And the local editor, under threat of lawsuit, fired back with a tremendous burn on Linda McMahon:
And here's a good roundup basically calling out the WWE for turning this into a PR nightmare.
PS – My favorite part is the "Trish barking like a dog" YouTube video being taken down by the WWE after newspapers started linking to it.

I think that any libel case filed by WWE can be destroyed in 5 seconds with four words:  Edge's Live Sex Celebration.  That was simulated sex on a WWE TV show, which is pretty much the definition of pornography.  
Linda is many things, but a smart politician is WAY down the list.