NXT – May 30, 2012

Date: May 30, 2012
Location: Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Commentators: Josh Matthews, William Regal

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Back to what has officially become the most boring show this side of
Warriors of Wrestling. We’re hopefully wrapping this season up but
getting there is really dragging, as there were zero stories last week
as well as no promos at all. That’s a shame as the show was starting to
get good up until that point. Let’s get to it.

To give you an idea of how much WWE.com cares about this show, their
website says it’s up every Wednesday at 4pm EST. It’s currently 8:05pm
EST and I have to watch this on Youtube because neither today’s show,
nor last week’s show are currently on WWE.com’s NXT page.

Curt Hawkins/Tyler Reks vs. Usos

It’s 8:19 and the show can now be found on WWE.com, if you look in
the What’s Hot section instead of the NXT section. If I’m a TV company,
I’d be curious as to why I should put a show on that they don’t even
bother to put up on time. Anyway Jey and Reks get us going. Not much
going on so far so Jey shouts to the crowd a little bit. Hawkins comes
in and nothing goes anywhere now either. A quick chin/headlock by Jey goes nowhere so we head to the mat.

Off to Jimmy who armdrags Hawkins down and it’s back to Jey. A
headbutt to the chest gets one and the Usos tag again. Regal explains
what cutting the ring in half means, because a term like that needs an
explanation apparently. Jey escapes a slam and hits a great superkick to
put Hawkins down. Reks pulls Curt to the floor to avoid the Superfly
Splash so the Usos dive onto both heels as we take a break.

Back with Jey holding a hammerlock on Hawkins on the mat. Jey loads
up a superkick but Hawkins drops to the floor and suckers Jey in. Blind
tag brings in Reks and the Usos lose control for the first time. Hawkins
comes in with a kick to the back and a chinlock. Back to Reks who puts
on something like a Tazmission.

Jey escapes and it’s off to Jimmy on a not very hot tag. A Bubba Bomb
puts Reks down and the Umaga hip smash gets two. Hawkins interferes,
allowing Reks to hit a Downward Spiral for two. Jey comes in with a
Samoan Drop for two. Jimmy is sent to the floor and Reks/Hawkins hit a
powerslam/neckbreaker combo to pin Jey at 10:59.

Rating: C. The match was pretty boring until the
ending where things picked up in a hurry. That being said, we’ve seen
these two teams fight more times than I can remember, which makes this a
little less interesting. Also having no story to it hurts things, but
the match was perfectly fine. More Usos please.

Tamina Snuka vs. Kaitlyn

Maxine is on commentary, which is literally the first continued story
in two weeks. She’s fought them both before and this is due to last
week’s Kaitlyn vs. Maxine match apparently. Kaitlyn takes her to the mat
and hooks a bodyscissors and a rollup for two. Tamina takes her down as
well and puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Maxine makes fun of
Kaitlyn’s hair and Tamina changes to a chinlock. The crowd is
surprisingly not completely dead here. Kaitlyn fights out and hits a bad
cross body for two. Kaitlyn trips her up as they run the ropes and
hooks a full nelson with her legs to make Tamina tap (with her foot) at

Rating: D+. The match was pretty dull, but I’m
digging this dueling submission story they’ve got going with Maxine and
Kaitlyn. Also it’s amazing how far less unbearable the Divas are when
they get some time to work out a match instead of hitting like three
kicks, a missed charge and the finisher with a signature move thrown in.
Imagine that: wrestling makes things better.

Raw ReBound is about Big Show, which is all that Monday’s show was about anyway.

Justin Gabriel/Derrick Bateman/Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty/Johnny Curtis/JTG

Hey Justin is back. JTG still has the new attire and I still don’t
want to see him ever again. Watson and JTG get us going Watson works on
the arm but JTG speeds things up a bit. That’s cool with Watson as he
runs over JTG and slams him down for two. Off to Justin who hooks an
armdrag into an armbar. JTG gets him into the corner and it’s off to
Curtis who takes over.

Gabriel channels his inner Steamboat and armdrags his way to freedom,
taking Curtis to the mat. Off to Bateman who dropkicks Johnny down for
two. He misses a charge though and McGillicutty stomps Bateman down in
the corner. Everything breaks down and the faces stand tall as we take a
break. Back with Michael putting Bateman in a chinlock and punching him
in the face a few times.

Dropkick gets two on Bateman. Back to Curtis who has #letsgetweird on
his trunks. If you really want to push Twitter that hard, you would
think they could find a better billboard than Curtis. McGillicutty and
Curtis tag two more times as I guess they won’t like JTG either. Curtis
gives up the tag and it’s off to Watson. Watson cleans house but JTG low
bridges him to send Percy crashing to the floor.

JTG pounds on Percy both in and out of the ring, getting two in the
former. Off to the chinlock again and then back to Curtis. Elbow to the
face gets two. Watson hits a belly to belly out of nowhere and makes the
tag to Justin. JTG comes in at the same time and things speed up.
Gabriel hits a blue Thunder Bomb for two and everything breaks down.
Bateman dives on McGillicutty and Curtis while Gabriel hits a jumping
tornado DDT for the pin at 12:13.

Rating: C+. This was pretty good but it came and
went. You had three good guys, you had three bad guys, you had twelve
minutes, and the good guys won. It was pretty entertaining though and
that’s really all you can ask for on NXT in this weird kind of limbo
period they’re in at the moment.

Overall Rating: C+. Like I said in the main event,
you really can’t ask for more than about 45 minutes of entertaining
matches from Superstars II anymore. Regal’s position as matchmaker is
never mentioned anymore, the attacks in the back are never mentioned
anymore, and the Hawkins/Reks being security is never mentioned anymore.
I know I’m in the small minority here, but I kind of wanted to see
where those things were going. I’ve spent a year on this already and I’d
like to see some resolution to those stories. This was entertaining at
least though.

Curt Hawkins/Tyler Reks b. The Usos – Powerslam/Neckbreaker combination to Jey Uso
Kaitlyn b. Tamina Snuka – Full Nelson with Legs
Justin Gabriel/Derrick Bateman/Percy Watson b. JTG/Johnny Curtis/Michael McGillicutty – Tornado DDT to JTG

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