Konnan’s Podcast


An absolutely phenomenal show from Konnan, as he's only 5 shows into his podcasting career and he's totally got it down cold.  This particular episode is an hour-long interview with Dave Meltzer, and it's just so cool to hear Konnan completely shooting from the hip about whatever's on his mind because he doesn't give a s--- about burning bridges at all.  I was legitimately LOLing while listening to it, like his spot-on analysis of why UFC on FOX 3 tanked so badly ("Who the f--- wants to see Jim Miller in the main event?") and his reminiscing about becoming a giant star in his early 20s ("Bitches were all over, throwing pussy at me everywhere I went.")  He just comes across as a genuinely fun guy who has an opinion on anything you throw at him.  Dave, meanwhile, is telling crazy stories about classic wrestling promotions and his early years writing the newsletter and his contacts and such.  It's tremendous fun and I'm totally adding it to my podcast collection.