Rock as Champ

So you mentioned that Rock is more than likely coming back to take the belt at mania. That had occured to me. What hadnt until I read that was how he would lose it. Or to who. Am I the only one who sees Cena getting his win back after Mania against the Rock for the belt? Seems pretty obvious/boring. What say you?
Also I can't figure out how to sign up to comment on the new blog. Any help?

Given plans change daily I don't think anyone's even given to thought to what they would want to do with the belt if/when Rock wins it.  My vote would be a tournament, as noted, but then I'm a mark for tournaments in general and I don't particularly think the title has much value left to hurt anyway.  Cena-Rock II seems like too big of a match for Extreme Rematches, plus then you're changing the title not once, not twice, but THRICE in the first four months of the year and that's exactly the sort of thing people who value the title always bitch about anyway.  
And signing up to comment is actually very easy.  You just click the reply button on someone's comment and you have a choice of using a Disqus account, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or a couple of other ones.  If you've got any of those, you're good to go.  I'd personally recommend going to and signing up for an account there, because that way if you visit any blog that uses the system you're universally logged in and it keeps track of all your posts for you.  Plus someone might randomly tag Kurt Busiek and he could show up and blow everyone's mind with awesomeness.