Rise & Fall of WCW

Picked this one up in the bargain bin and if you can find it for $5, I will say that Disc 2 is arguably the greatest thing the guys that select the matches for these things has EVER done. Seriously you think it can’t get better than the previous match…and it does. Of course Disc 3 isn’t as good but there are some serious cruiserweight gems in there.

So if you’re home alone this weekend while Mr. Princess and the kid are on their annual fishing excursion, find this for $5 and watch it while you catch up on work.

But naturally I have a question about this from the “program” portion of the set and it concerns Dusty Rhodes. Generally I’m a fan of Big Dust but I am curious of how others think of him. Is Dusty’s reputation of being a visionary with occasional flaws one of fact or fiction? I know he had a role in a LOT of shit but has his role in that past success become greater through these various DVDs and WWE productions?